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Holiday time. Which tomorrow means getting up at 4am so that I can get to Caernarfon for 9.15. Maybe it's time for driving lessons to be booked!
The school holidays have begun. Let the mayhem ensue.
Yorkshire Airport on at 20.30 on ITV about LBA ;-)

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New cutting edge CT security equipment at Heathrow
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Heathrow invests over £50 million in cutting edge CT security equipment in UK airport first Passengers could soon keep their liquids and laptops inside their cabin baggage when passing through security at Heathrow after the airport revealed plans to install next-generation CT security equipment The airport is investing over £50 million in the next few years to roll the equipment out. Once fully operational, the enhanced technology is expected to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastics at Heathrow, with passengers no longer required to put liquids in plastic bags Heathrow...
Heathrow offers FREE landing charges for a year for 1st electric plane
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Heathrow offers free landing charges for a year to UK’s first electric plane Heathrow to start the clock ticking on the UK’s first electric commercial flight, announcing the aircraft will be able to touch down at the UK’s hub free of charge for a year – a prize worth nearly £1million Speaking at the BusinessGreen Summit, CEO John Holland-Kaye will open the incentive to all airlines operating at Heathrow both now and in the future The grand innovation prize is the latest in a suite of measures designed to encourage airlines to pursue clean growth and deploy their cleanest, quietest...
Glasgow Airport receives top ranking in CAA disability access report
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Glasgow Airport receives top ranking in CAA disability access report Glasgow Airport receives the highest rating of “very good” from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for disability access. The CAA has today (Thursday 11 July 2019) published its fourth annual report on the disability access of the UK’s largest airports, spanning a 12-month reporting period of 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2019. The CAA’s accessibility framework is a world-first and is driving improvements in performance to help improve accessibility across UK airports. To achieve a 'very good' classification, airports...
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Review: Jet2 from Leeds Bradford Airport

I arrived at LBA on Sunday for the 17:30 flight with Jet2 to Palma. I was being dropped of by a family member so we chose to use the free drop of area. It's great that the option is there for free drop off however the new arrivals hall construction makes the path to the check in halls very zig zaggy however that will soon be rectified once the extension has been complete. The Jet2 check in was an organised chaos as normal we had to join the back of the queue and I noticed the new bag drop area and as we had checked in online we could use the new facility. However it was very frustrating that we had to queue for 20 mins looking at the empty bag drop to reach the front of the queue and being told to use the facility. Maybe it would be better to have separate queue's however the service is new and will probably soon be adapted. However all the Jet2 staff at check in where very very friendly and helpful, we then moved on to security. Security was much better than expected however due to the hot day it was incredibly hot and stuffy and the area had no fans or air con so many....

Manchester Airport's Airside Vehicle Movements?

I'm wondering how the airport is planning to deal with all the additional ramp traffic associated with the new private terminal. Not everyone will be aware but aircraft get priority when crossing airside roads so during busy periods it could delay some passengers from getting to their aircraft. Now I admit, I am not entirely familiar with the airside road network at Manchester airport and I am not familiar with the speed restrictions imposed. I am guessing it's 20mph throughout. Is there anybody who is familiar with the airside road network at Manchester who can elaborate further as to how this might affect the running of the operation and the speediness of an airside passenger delivery service....

What happened to Biman from Birmingham?

I am not going to lie I still remember back in 2014 Spring when Biman Bangladesh & Birmingham Airport said they where going to start operating Dhaka-Birmingham- New York JFK using their brand new 777-300ER for August 2014 back when their final DC10 came to Birmingham. I’m wondering what ever happened or went wrong why they didn’t start I really want to know. The only thing I know is it just fell flat on its face which is quite strange considering Birmingham does have a sizeable Bangladeshi Community that live in Bordesley Green,Small Heath, Aston, Lozells it may not be as big as London’s or Manchester’s Bangladeshi Community but still we do have quite a decent sized one of that my family have a a lot of affluent Bangladeshi Hindu friends who are very close to us (My Family being from West Bengal in India) and they live in Acocks Green (my area), Hall Green, Selly Oak, Edgbaston and Solihull and a lot of them go to Bangladesh regularly.....

Review: Ethiopian Airlines

Just returned from a fantastic safari trip to Botswana, this is my report of the journey provided by Ethiopian Airlines who i used for the main part of the air transport. We left on Friday 14 June , checked in at Terminal 2 for flight ET 729 Manchester -Addis Ababa. Ethiopian have quite competitive fares so travelled business class with them. Checked in quickly, had already pre-booked seats had 3A/C throughout. Went to security which was somewhat chaotic, staff could use a bit training on how to speak to the public too, however got through that eventually and went to the Aspire Lounge. I haven't been to Terminal 2 for years and have never visited the Aspire Lounge there, but its much smaller than there one at Terminal 1 and as such crowded so didn't stay very long. Flight was called and from memory the gate was A12, If this is their normal departure gate, its a good walk so allow plenty of time to reach it, it was about as far as you can go.....

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