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Global Warming or Global Cooling?
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What are your thoughts on climate change? For the last two decades at lest we have been spoon fed a global warming agenda, "the Earth is burning up", our "use of fossil fuels is causing Co2 to spiral out of control". More recently the IPCC lead by the United Nations released a report saying we have to take immediate action to save the planet from catastrophe. During the 90's I went along with this narrative. As a person who has always been interested in weather and the climate I have always...
Hornby 00 gauge
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There HAS to be someone on here that had a Hornby train set. I kind of inherited mine from my sister when it consisted of just a couple of locos, think they were a 3 car electric local commuter train and a set of pulman carriages pulled by a magnificent 4/6/4 steam engine called if I'm right Princess Elizabeth. The collection grew quite quickly under my 'ownership' until it had enough rolling stock, locomotives and track for 13 complete train's which could all be accommodated in individual...
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Worlds busiest airport is on C5 this wednesday ;-) Im assuming it will feature Atlanta ATL
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For those who have Flickr accounts you can now embed your media into the F4A gallery without uploading your images directly to F4A.
Hi guys and gals, I've made a few minor changes which will hopefully improve user experience particularly for mobile users.

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