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Guess who's getting more photos onto National Trust social media! This time it's Plas Newydd with "Tufty" and friends... a set of 3 red squirrel photos
Must congratulate France. Played against Albania last night but Andorra's national anthem was used then they apologised to Armenia!

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Gatwick's try before you fly....
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Young families and older people get a taste of airport surroundings before they fly Travelling through an airport can be challenging for some people Gatwick’s Accessibility Days designed to make it easier by giving people with a disability a taste of airport surroundings before they fly Day only possible thanks to easyJet, BA, Virgin Atlantic, TUI, Sussex Police, Border Force, Gatwick Fire Service and numerous volunteers from Gatwick Older adults with dementia joined over 30 young families at Gatwick’s Accessibility Day on Saturday (16 Nov), so that they too had a chance to experience...
British Airways customer Phil Reynolds proposes to girlfriend at Heathrow
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He put a wing on it Love was in the air at Heathrow Terminal 5, when British Airways customer Phil Reynolds got down on one knee to propose to girlfriend, Bethan ahead of their flight to Milan. The terminal has sentimental meaning to the couple as Bethan was based 4,000 miles away from Phil in China for over a year, so they both travelled back and forth through it on their regular trips to see one another. When British Airways and Heathrow heard of Phil’s plans, they helped to pull out the stops and make it even more special, by flashing the message ‘Will you marry me?’ in bright...
Solar PV Farm to be installed at Cardiff Airport
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Solar PV Farm to be installed at Cardiff Airport A joint agreement with Cardiff Airport and a local renewable energy developer will see the installation of a brand new Solar PV Farm on the airport site in the near future. The construction of the 2MW solar site is set to be completed within the next 18 months by Bridgend based company Cenin Renewables, who have successfully delivered notable renewable energy projects across key sites in South Wales. The Solar PV Farm at Cardiff Airport will sit within the boundary of the site and will supply the business with electricity via a private...
Birmingham Airport Commits to Net Zero Carbon Target 2033
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Birmingham Airport Commits to Net Zero Carbon Target 2033 Birmingham Airport has today announced its commitment to become a net zero carbon airport by the year 2033, prioritising zero carbon airport operations and minimising carbon offsets. Recognising that climate change is happening, the airport feels it needs to set an ambitious target ahead of the UK’s target of 2050, to reduce its carbon footprint further, quicker. The Midlands airport has already cut its carbon emissions since 2013 by 33 per cent, and emissions per passenger by over 50 per cent, despite growing passenger numbers...
Cardiff Airport joins The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme to support customers with hidden disabilities
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Cardiff Airport joins The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme to support customers with hidden disabilities Cardiff Airport has joined The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme, a widely recognised initiative that represents an awareness and commitment to supporting the individual needs of customers with hidden disabilities. The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme gives customers the option to request additional support or special assistance with their terminal experience. A specially designed lanyard, discreet pin badge or children’s wristband will identify to our highly trained team that the customer may require...
Over a thousand jobs on offer at Gatwick Jobs Fair
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Over one thousand jobs on offer – from over 40 employers - at Gatwick Jobs Fair on 7th November Unique mobile app will help job-seekers engage with employers and receive notifications on opportunities before, during and after the event CV surgery with Gatwick HR professionals to help make every application count Gatwick’s Employability programme also available to help long-term unemployed back into work Over a thousand jobs with more than 40 airport-based employers will be on offer at this year’s Gatwick Jobs Fair on the 7th November, with a new mobile app providing job information and...
Bristol Airport is recruiting Firefighters to join its Fire & Rescue Service.
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Bristol Airport Recruiting Firefighters to Join Team The role of a Bristol Airport Firefighter is not what you would expect. Despite its name, it is not all about fighting fires. Whilst responding to emergency situations and requests for help will be part of the job, being a Firefighter involves so much more. Successful applicants will take part in emergency response simulation exercises, deliver training workshops to colleagues on first aid, manual handling and general safety, promoting fire safety standards to Airport colleagues and be able to keep a cool head in a crisis. Bristol...
Former Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, gives keynote speech at Gatwick’s Transport Forum
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Former Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, gives keynote speech at Gatwick’s Transport Forum Forum helps create an integrated approach to transport provision across the region Discussions included how the transport sector can collaborate and innovate to reach ‎the Government’s target of achieving net zero carbon emissions Audience hears how Gatwick now gets 44% of passengers and 43% of staff to the airport by public and other sustainable forms of transport Ed Balls, the former Shadow Chancellor, gave the keynote speech at Gatwick’s Transport Forum on Friday. The event designed to create an...
Gatwick looking for a new charity partner
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Gatwick looking for a new charity partner Unique opportunity to work with Gatwick as its official charity partner Charity is carefully chosen to ensure local benefits to Kent, Surrey and Sussex Partnership lasts for two years and deadline for applications is 15 November London Gatwick has today announced that it is seeking a new charity partner, with the successful applicant set to secure a unique opportunity to increase its profile and fund raising possibilities. The partnership will last for two years and registered local charities are encouraged to apply before the deadline of 15th...
Additional flights added between Cardiff , Newcastle and Aberdeen
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Cardiff Sunday flights added to Newcastle and Aberdeen Flybe is introducing Sunday flights operated by its franchise partner, Eastern Airways, to both its Cardiff to Newcastle and Aberdeen air services. Following the re-introduction of the Cardiff – Aberdeen link this month, the operator will commence Sunday services from Cardiff to Newcastle and Aberdeen from 12 January 2020. Sunday services will complement the daily weekday flights provided to Newcastle and Aberdeen from Cardiff. Fares start from £99 one way, including taxes and charges and Sunday services are available now to book...
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Easyjet profits down

Easyjet profits down...

"Todays full years results from Easyjet show profits down 26% year on year, accept in line with city forecasts but not good and camouflaged by the Holiday company news. No mention of German losses, but blame Brexit. If I remember Monarch placed an order for new airlines, in July 2018, Condor looking to buy new wide body aircraft. Buying new aircraft not a sign of financial strength. This is an extract from a briefing note I have received today on Easyjet 2019 figures, not sure I am allowed to publish in full "we don't think the group is out of the woods yet". The report question nearly every future prediction the company made in their report and lets say the report is cautious on the hopes for the new travel business.".....

Downloadable copy of the BHX winter timetable 2019-2020

"Find attached my compiled timetable for Winter 2019-20. all subject to change, missing charter flights not included are TUI to Sharm El Sheikh, Titan santa flights to Ivalo, Freebird Sunday charters to Dubrovnik, and as of yet no schedule for the expected return of Turkmenistan. enjoy!"......

Bristol Airport expansion delayed

"North Somerset Council's planning committee won't now hold a hearing into the airport's current expansion plan application until next year, but no date has yet been set. The application was submiited last December. Given the make-up of the elected membership of the council it seems highly likely that they will reject the application which could then lead to an airport appeal to the planning Inspectorate. It that course of action was taken it might be 18 months from now at the earliest before a planning inspector made a final decision. Not a good prospect for the airport if someone like Jet 2 was looking to base a number of aircraft there from 2021 as almost certainly that would take the annual passenger numbers close to or through the 10 mppa current planning limit."......

Some LBA and regional statistical comparisons

"Hello - thanks for the welcome the other day. As I promised, here are some data insights into the performance of LBA and UK airports more generally that might be of interest. The main challenge being posed by some observers seemed to fit into "has LBA underperformed since it was privatised?". LBA was taken into private ownership in April 2007. Passenger numbers in the calendar year 2006 therefore seems a reasonable starting point for the comparison. In 2006 LBA handled 2,787,217 passengers. It's latest annual rolling total is 4,048,678 (to July 19). Growth of 45.3%. UK airports in total have grown by 26.3% over the same period, so LBA has done significantly better than the UK as a whole. Another comparison could be against similar sized airports in 2006. There were 12 airports in the 2M - 6M passengers per annum category in 2006. In the table below they are ranked by their size in 2006."......

And the new base for easyjet is...?

"In recent weeks I've been reading on various aviation forums that some followers of BHX, LBA and SOU are convinced that easyJet will soon be opening a base at 'their' airport. I don't know whether any of these sentiments are anything more than a wish. If there is some substance and they are all correct easyJet will be a very busy airline in the near future, opening three new UK bases. It seems a tall order that they would but Jet2 opened two bases (STN and BHX) simultaneously and what successes they have turned out to be as they have gone from strength to strength. There are certainly gaps in the easyJet spread across the UK in two very populous metropolitan areas (West Midlands and West Yorkshire). Although LGW is relatively close to SOU the latter might be a contender for LGW easyJet 'overspill' albeit easyJet has recently acquired more slots at LGW. Whose followers will be correct: BHX, LBA or SOU?; or all of them?; or none of them?".....

If you were the boss of Birmingham Airport...

"So ladies and gents a bit of an open forum/debate for you all.. If you were in charge of Birmingham Airport right now, what changes would you make? What would you do to improve the airport, would you enlarge the terminal? would you give an airline any deal they wanted? Would you make changes to taxiways/runways/hangers etc..... Would you lower/increase airport costs? Would you hire new senior management? Would you rename the airport? over to you".....

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