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Love it or hate it, the UK is currently planning on leaving the European Union
The UK has left the European Union. Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that.

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Slightly freaked out. Put the Xmas tree up, turned on the lights, recorded a video of them then replaying it I noticed an orb appearing at the end. Yay, I could have a haunted flat!

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LJLA launches consultation on future aircraft flight paths
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LJLA launches consultation on future aircraft flight paths Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) is today beginning a 12 week consultation as part of the modernisation of the UK’s airspace, which will involve potential changes to the routes taken by aircraft departing from and arriving at the Airport. The UK’s airspace is some of the most complex in the world, yet has not undergone significant change since the 1950s. The Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) plan to modernise UK airspace in order to deliver quicker, quieter and cleaner journeys by air in and...
Wales: First Minister's Questions: Response to Paul Davies AM's comments about Cardiff Airport
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First Minister's Questions: Response to Paul Davies AM's comments about Cardiff Airport Cardiff Airport has a positive impact on the Welsh economy as a strategic national asset, delivering a total GVA of £246m per year to the economy and sustaining 2,400 aviation related jobs. Since coming under Welsh Government ownership, focus has been to build the long term sustainability of the business and strengthen our financial position. During the last financial year (2018-19) we have seen a growth in commercial revenue by over 34% as a direct result of the improvements made to enhance the...
London Stansted to host world aviation summit in 2020
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London Stansted to host world aviation summit in 2020 More than 200 senior officials from the aviation industry will descend on London Stansted next year for the 2020 CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit. The news was announced by the airport’s Chief Commercial Officer, Aboudy Nasser, during this year’s event which is being held in Malta. The 2020 summit will be held on December 2-3 at the airport’s Radisson Blu Hotel where airport and airline executives from across the globe will gather to analyse the industry’s performance over the year, discuss the current state of play and forecast...
Heathrow Academy celebrates 15 years of outstanding apprentices
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Heathrow Academy celebrates 15 years of outstanding apprentices Since 2004 Heathrow has supported over 5800 people into employment and contributed over £13.5 million towards training and career development Heathrow celebrates signing the Care Leaver Covenant, helping to make training and careers at Heathrow accessible to all. 87 apprentices graduated from the Heathrow Employment and Skills Academy this year, with 68% of graduates living in the five local boroughs closest to the airport: Hounslow, Hillingdon, Ealing, Spelthorne and Slough. Celebrating 15 years since opening its doors...
Over a thousand jobs on offer at Gatwick Jobs Fair
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Over one thousand jobs on offer – from over 40 employers - at Gatwick Jobs Fair on 7th November Unique mobile app will help job-seekers engage with employers and receive notifications on opportunities before, during and after the event CV surgery with Gatwick HR professionals to help make every application count Gatwick’s Employability programme also available to help long-term unemployed back into work Over a thousand jobs with more than 40 airport-based employers will be on offer at this year’s Gatwick Jobs Fair on the 7th November, with a new mobile app providing job information and...
Over 1,000 former Thomas Cook and supply chain staff attend employment fair
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Over 1,000 former Thomas Cook and supply chain staff attend employment fair An employment fair which took place at Manchester Airport last week (Thursday 3 October) was attended by over 1,000 former Thomas Cook and supply chain employees. Following the announcement on 23 September that the company had entered compulsory liquidation, public and private partners worked together to host the event which provided advice and information for former staff. Over 40 employers with more than 6,000 vacancies in a range of sectors were on hand to speak to potential candidates about their career...
Employment fair to support former Thomas Cook employees
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Employment fair to support former Thomas Cook employees A dedicated employment fair for the thousands of North West workers who have lost their jobs following the demise of Thomas Cook, including supply chain employees, will be held at Manchester Airport on Thursday 3 October. The event – at the Runway Visitor Park at the airport – will bring together dozens of organisations, who together have thousands of vacancies that may interest those impacted by the announcement that the airline had entered compulsory liquidation. It will also offer one-to-one advice and direct people to relevant...
UK Government blocks devolution of Air Passenger Duty to Wales
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Cardiff Airport statement: UK Government’s decision to block the devolution of Air Passenger Duty (APD) to Wales Deb Bowen Rees, CEO of Cardiff Airport, said: “We are hugely disappointed by today’s announcement. “Cardiff Airport has always been in favour of the UK-wide abolition of Air Passenger Duty and in support of the ‘A Fair Tax on Flying’ campaign. It is a punitive tax on travel and a cost that hinders the ability for the United Kingdom to remain competitive in what is a very competitive, fast-paced global industry. Not to mention, the UK APD rate is one of the highest in the...
A busy Bank Holiday weekend for Cardiff Airport
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A busy Bank Holiday weekend for Cardiff Airport The national airport for Wales is preparing to welcome over 27,000 passengers this Bank Holiday weekend (Friday 23 - Monday 26 August), rounding off what has been the busiest summer in over 10 years. Many customers are jetting off for some late summer sunshine in popular beach destinations such as Croatia, Egypt, Greece and Spain, for some relaxation before the kids go back to school. With good weather on the cards in the UK and Ireland this weekend, customers are making the most of the Bank Holiday by planning ‘staycations’ to...
Quickest ever Transatlantic route launches from Manchester Airport as WestJet flights start this summer
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Quickest ever Transatlantic route launches from Manchester Airport as WestJet flights start this summer Direct flight to Halifax launching in June with WestJet Service takes only six hours so will be the quickest route to North America Four flights per week on Boeing 737-700 with two classes Excellent onward connectivity including Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton Route set to benefit more than 1,600 companies in the North West that do business with Canada Manchester Airport today revealed its quickest ever trans-Atlantic route will launch later this year. Direct flights to Halifax, Nova...
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A runway extention for Bristol...?

"It's certainly physically possible to extend the runway at the eastern end of the airfield although any type of extension would require the A38 to be dropped into a 150-metre long tunnel, and it's likely that even the most modest option would impact in some way on Felton Common which is beyond the A38. In its current master plan, pubished in 2006, the airport set out a number of options for extending the runway, all at the eastern end of the airfield - the land beyond the western end of the runway falls away significantly and any extension there would require major civil engineering. Although the promised new master plan has not materialised despite public consultations that began two years ago the airport has already said that a runway extension is not being considered. Presumably the reasons it gave in 2006 for maintaining the status quo are still in place.".....

A degree of certainty with Ryanair from Cardiff?

"The one thing that is always certain about Ryanair announcements is that if they happen, they're almost impossible to second guess! If there is an imminent announcement incoming, I'd make my guess, in decreasing likelihood...
1. Lauda route to PMI.
2. Ryanair route to bucket and spade destination.
3. Ryanair Dublin route.
4. Other Ryanair route.
5. Malta Air route - FCO.
6. Buzz route. 1. This one has been rumoured to be on its way for a little while now. PMI is usually CWL's best seasonal route, so it seems logical this would be high up the pecking order for expansion. Since Lauda have recently announced Bournemouth- PMI, CWL would be on par with this. Announcement of Lauda on this route would be a heavy duty nail into Vueling's coffin at Cardiff. 2. As mentioned above by Jerry above, a highly likely route would be Alicante, which is another route similar to FR's offering at CWL already. This again, would be problematic for Vueling. 3. This may seem like an unlikely option given Flybe's up to 3x daily schedule, however this route does have its merits. The type of customers a Ryanair route would attract, and did when it operated, are high volume mutual tourism between the two cities, something the Welsh Gov is keen to increase. Flybe's route is more attractive to business and connecting passengers for Aer Lingus to America. Following Mrs Bowen-Rees's recent comments on CWL's targeting of a transatlantic route, I don't know how much value the airport would place on a Dublin connection diluting these passengers anyway, especially when KLM from AMS is in this market too. From FR's perspective, an early DUB arrival could easily operate their entire current CWL schedule with a later return to DUB. This could continue the successful TFS route as well without the cost of basing at CWL."......

Cardiff Qatar Doha stats breakdown...

"In what was a relatively easy exercise thanks to Jerry's monthly breakdowns in the CAA stats thread, I thought I'd have a quick add up and see what the rolling total for the past year has been on the Doha route. Just out of curiosity.
Nov 2018 - 5221
Dec 2018 - 6449
Jan 2019 - 6641
Feb 2019 - 5435
March 2019 - 6106
April 2019 - 7884
May 2019 - 4997
June 2019 - 6077
July 2019 - 10558
August 2019 - 11714
September 2019 - 9030
October 2019 - 7387
That would give a rolling year total on the route to the end of October of 87,472. Hopefully by the two year anniversary of the route we will be looking at a total comfortably into the 90's. It's strange how poorly May has performed for both years it has been in operation.".....

Leeds Consultative Committee Summary

"Today was the December meeting of the Airport Consultative Committee, so for what it is worth, here is my somewhat brief summary. The meeting included a very informative presentation by the CEO, Hywell Rees, who having been at LBA 6 months has now had time to assess the task and who is now getting down to the job. He:- Made the point that LBA was under-loved and had been subjected to significant under investment by previous owners. Don't we know it? Advised us that he has authorised significant investment (in the £ Millions) over this winter to resolve some of the main problems with airport infrastructure - notably a 7 figure sum to replace the Jet2 check in (Hall B) baggage belt equipment which broke down frequently last summer. Also additional security scanning equipment with additional lanes. Also additional works (where feasible) within the terminal area and outside, to enhance not only the customer experience but also rectify issues experienced by air crew. Also enhanced snow clearing capability and snow clearing plan and action to resolve an issue with icing up of the South Side apron outside the Multiflight hangars, which (on some days) has caused Jet2 difficulties in getting aircraft out of or into the hangars. These works will commence in January, and I am not sure if it is relevant or not but there is a crane on the apron today which appears to have reduced parking capacity, as a Ryanair arrival this afternoon ended up parked on the Eastern Apron among the many inactive Jet2 aircraft"......

Downloadable copy of the BHX winter timetable 2019-2020

"Find attached my compiled timetable for Winter 2019-20. all subject to change, missing charter flights not included are TUI to Sharm El Sheikh, Titan santa flights to Ivalo, Freebird Sunday charters to Dubrovnik, and as of yet no schedule for the expected return of Turkmenistan. enjoy!"......

Cardiff airport public transport options...?

"With the T5 running at a 200k+ loss, would there be any possibility of the Welsh gov coming to some sort of agreement with Megabus? Stagecoach, who own Megabus, run the BRS flyer and that has been an unmitigated success. London Victoria to Cardiff runs regularly, via Bristol, UWE frenchay, Cardiff university and Cardiff... a 15 mile extension to that route would link the airport with some of its most crucial markets as well as London itself. The Welsh Gov owns the busses for the T5, which could be deployed elsewhere on Traws cymru's cross country routes. The Megabus website is a force in of itself and at least two or three full time jobs in a coach seat booking stand in arrivals could also be created. I only think of this because of my recent visit on a trip to Edinburgh using the T5 to Cardiff. Every time I've used the service there seems to be some sort of embarrassment or issue. I've seen drivers talking to tourists who can't speak English by just raising their voices and repeating themselves slowly in something fresh out of a dodgy 70's comedy. Nearly every time, my last visit included, the bus pulls up with a line of passengers waiting... And the driver just gets out, lights up a cigarette and leaves the queue standing blowing smoke across the waiting passengers. ".....

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