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Wasn't expecting to be travelling to Leeds today! First non work travel since lockdown on the train.
rip wrote on Offint's profile.
Afternoon Offint , just seen your comment on living on Beechwood Ave. I use to live at number 77 St Enochs Road which was opposite Beechwood Ave between 1969 - 1974

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Half a million more vital fluid resistant gowns land at Cardiff Airport
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Half a million more vital fluid resistant gowns land at Cardiff Airport A chartered flight carrying around half a million vital fluid-resistant gowns for NHS Wales has arrived in Cardiff Airport (14.00 today, 1 May 2020). The flight was arranged through Welsh contacts and will mean supplies of these gowns, which had been under pressure, have been fully replenished. The cargo, which has come from Hangzhou in China, will provide around three months’ of supply of fluid-resistant gowns for health and care services in Wales and will allow Wales to support other parts of the UK if needed. In...
Heathrow Community Trust deploys £95k for emergency COVID-19 support
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Heathrow Community Trust deploys £95k for emergency COVID-19 support £95,000 in rapid emergency COVID-19 funding is set to be released by the Heathrow Community Trust (HCT), an independent charity funded by Heathrow Airport and supported by its colleagues and partners Funding has been released from HCT reserves to help keep vital community services running, including food banks and support services for the isolated and vulnerable Heathrow continues to provide educational resources to local schools and has redeployed Heathrow Community Rangers to assist with delivering donations to local...
Share cool YouTube channels
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Share cool YouTube videos Found this YouTube channel this morning. I so want one of these. It's a must watch... Basically this bloke makes a bunker under his back garden. Totally crazy.
Gaming discussions : Virus Free Zone!
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Gaming discussions : Virus Free Zone! Although I'm not into playing computer games I know there are lots of people on the forum who do. Talk about the games you play and tactics you use to get through the levels. Share hacks and cheats or whatever!
Things to entertain us all during lockdown? Virus Free Zone!
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Things to entertain us all during lockdown? Our sanity is going to be challenged during the coming months and I want to try use the forum in a slightly different way during this period to help people get through this. Going about our daily lives we do things that might seem trivial but they form an important part in our social interaction with friends, family and our local communities. My parents are already socially isolating to prevent them from getting this retched virus. My father is already struggling. So what this thread is for is to share ideas of things to do to entertain...
Binge Worthy Box Sets : Virus Free Zone!
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Following on from the most interesting of items on This Morning i thought, since we are going to be all in isolation sooner rather then later, i'll start this thread. There's so much anxiety amongst this forum i thought this comes as a light relief. Watching Box Sets is another way to avoid the news and whilst we all need to the news information overload is not required ... so go for it guys and gals
How concerned are you about the Coronavirus?
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Worrying reports across the news over recent days regarding the Caronavirus. How concerned are you?
And the alcohol for tonight is....?
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Primarily a Friday and Saturday night thread for people to discuss their favourite tipples. Their latest Gin or Whisky collection or maybe the local ale.
Global Warming or Global Cooling?
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What are your thoughts on climate change? For the last two decades at lest we have been spoon fed a global warming agenda, "the Earth is burning up", our "use of fossil fuels is causing Co2 to spiral out of control". More recently the IPCC lead by the United Nations released a report saying we have to take immediate action to save the planet from catastrophe. During the 90's I went along with this narrative. As a person who has always been interested in weather and the climate I have always followed the subject with much interest and like most people I went along with the idea that man...
Slow but steady recovery at Long Beach Airport - California U.S.
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Long Beach Airport - California U.S (LBG) Long Beach Airport continues to see a slow but steady recovery in flight schedules, up from a low of six flights on multiple days in April to the current average of 18 to 20 flights daily. Recent schedule changes by Delta Air Lines also point to modest improvement in the leisure travel segment. Delta’s recently published schedule indicates it will resume flights from LGB on August 1, a month ahead of schedule. Delta had previously announced a temporary consolidation of flight service in May, which led to a suspension of flights from Long Beach...

What does the future hold for CWL...?

"Having thought about what the future holds for CWL, their first priority must be the return of Paris, Dublin, and Belfast, as Jerry mentioned above, Loganair have built up their services at BHD, could they be persuaded to operate a route to CWL? If Air France didn't want to operate the Paris route from CWL, perhaps Eastern could give it a try, also the Dublin route if there are no others interested. If Eastern were to base a second J41 at CWL, it would be the ideal aircraft to operate to CORK and JERSEY and perhaps build up the frequency on those routes. There is certainly a good opportunity for them to establish themselves at CWL in the future, that is of course if they are still in existence after the end of the pandemic. ".....

Travel and Airline Industry recovery from Covid-19, your views?

" I dont think people realise how serious this all is, and when the lockdown ends country by country which will take a fair time who is going to fly whilst ever this virus is about which it will be, and even when a vaccine is created the virus will be around some time plus the good old media will still be in full swing scaring us all! From what im seeing I feel believe it or not jet2 are the strongest in all this financially plus remember if this does continue where does jet2 originate from, dart group,channel express so plenty of experience in the freight sector which we most definitely require at the moment. Can anyone give anymore upto date info on jet2 financial pos?"......

The future of Virgin Atlantic, your views?

" Virgin are now doing what they should have done in the first place and are obliged to do under the governments Covid Corparate Financing Scheme. That is explore normal commercial financing options before applying to the government scheme, do that and HMG can make an informed decision. The likes of Wizz UK and Easyjet have indicated that they qualify for loans up to £300m and £600m respectively based on there credit ratings and presumably followed the correct procedure. The whole point of the government scheme is to support companies operating within the UK economy and the jobs of people within the country, under these circumstances it doesn't really matter who owns the company as so much of our economy is multi national anyway."......

Epic Failures...?

"He is preparing for the fake election, the one he postpones indefinitely just to remain the bestest president ever. Meanwhile, he obliterates Iran, invades N. Korea, sells Alaska to his mate Putin and buys Scotland to create a 51st state. Expect the unexpected with that man, entertaining and dangerous, but expect a full toothache from our own leaders, dull enough to send a person into a coma.

A runway extention for Bristol...?

"It's certainly physically possible to extend the runway at the eastern end of the airfield although any type of extension would require the A38 to be dropped into a 150-metre long tunnel, and it's likely that even the most modest option would impact in some way on Felton Common which is beyond the A38. In its current master plan, pubished in 2006, the airport set out a number of options for extending the runway, all at the eastern end of the airfield - the land beyond the western end of the runway falls away significantly and any extension there would require major civil engineering. Although the promised new master plan has not materialised despite public consultations that began two years ago the airport has already said that a runway extension is not being considered. Presumably the reasons it gave in 2006 for maintaining the status quo are still in place.".....

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