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Love it or hate it, the UK is currently planning on leaving the European Union
The UK has left the European Union. Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that.

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Must congratulate France. Played against Albania last night but Andorra's national anthem was used then they apologised to Armenia!
Just bagged 20p return train trips to Blackpool and Southport. Over £30 saved.

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Palma Majorca day trip 11th October
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Having managed to get a day return to Palma from Birmingham last September for £65 with Monarch just before they went bust I decided to see if it was still possible this year.I have not flown abroad this year since January due to surgery and a long recovery so was looking forward to a break.Having searched airline timetables and price comparison websites a day return out with Thomas Cook and back with Jet2 was possible on certain weekdays.The best price was for 11th October out 0600/0900 for £30 back 2110/2250 for £50 with extra for window seats and breakfast out. I compiled a timetable...
The future of Domestic UK air travel
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What is the future for UK domestic air travel ? We are not a big country and yet getting around by any form of transportation can prove taxing to say the least ! Our roads are clogged ( don't even mention pot-holes ! ) . Train travel , in my opinion its worse since BR days , more expensive , more packed with shorter trains. It's ok to and from the capital in general for most big towns and cities, but cross country, that's very different, with still scant investment, outside London and SE for getting around. And what of domestic air routes, over the years these seemed to have diminished...
Record month for Malta International Airport
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September traffic grows by 12.8 per cent to reach 706,814 passenger movements More than 27,000 passenger movements recorded on the month’s busiest day September closes off third quarter with more than 2.2 million passenger movements With 706,814 passenger movements recorded, September was yet another busy month in what is proving to be a record-setting summer for Malta International Airport. September was, in fact, the third consecutive month during which more than 700,000 passengers were welcomed by the airport team. September’s traffic brought peak holiday season to a close with more...
FLYBE issues profit warning
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Profit Warning Flybe's woes continue with the company issuing a full-year profit warning this morning in a trading update ahead of its results for the first six months of 2018. A full-year tax loss of £12 million is now anticipated which follows a £19.2 million loss in 2017. Flybe attributes the situation to higher fuel prices, the lower value of sterling and weaker customer demand. The airline is reviewing further capacity and cost-saving measures along with its current strategy which sees it concentrating on its most popular routes. This has seen passenger seat revenue increase by...
Heathrow offers FREE landing charges for a year for 1st electric plane
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Heathrow offers free landing charges for a year to UK’s first electric plane Heathrow to start the clock ticking on the UK’s first electric commercial flight, announcing the aircraft will be able to touch down at the UK’s hub free of charge for a year – a prize worth nearly £1million Speaking at the BusinessGreen Summit, CEO John Holland-Kaye will open the incentive to all airlines operating at Heathrow both now and in the future The grand innovation prize is the latest in a suite of measures designed to encourage airlines to pursue clean growth and deploy their cleanest, quietest...
Ryanair Add Corfu from Liverpool
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Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, today (10 Oct) announced a new route from Liverpool to Corfu, with a twice weekly service from June, as part of Ryanair’s Summer 2019 schedule, which will be launched shortly. North West consumers and visitors can now enjoy even lower fares and the latest “Always Getting Better” improvements including: Ryanair’s full Liverpool Summer 2019 schedule will be unveiled soon. To celebrate its new Corfu route, Ryanair has launched a seat sale, with seats from Liverpool available from just £9.99, for travel in October, November, December and January. Ryanair’s...
United Airlines celebrates 21 years at Glasgow
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United Airlines' popular New York - Newark route marks two decades of service from Glasgow Glasgow Airport and United Airlines today (Thursday, October 4) celebrate 20 years of the popular New York/Newark route. Since the first flight took to the skies to cross the Atlantic back in 1998, at that time under the banner of Continental Airlines, the route has carried more than 2.1 million passengers on over 14,000 flights between Glasgow and New York/Newark - gateway to the Big Apple and over 70 nonstop connections across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Operated by a...
Gatwick: Stateside flights lift Gatwick passenger numbers
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Stateside flights lift Gatwick passenger numbers in busiest-ever September Passenger numbers reach 4.5 million, a +0.3% increase on September last year Long-haul flights up +18.1% – driving a cargo surge of +17.4% As passenger numbers continue to rise, Gatwick is also recognised by the Carbon Trust for its significant carbon footprint reduction last year London Gatwick has recorded the busiest September in its history, with 4.5 million passengers travelling through in what was also a successful month for the airport’s ongoing sustainability programme. As the Carbon Trust named Gatwick the...
Newquay coup as Scandinavian Airlines announce flights
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Well, I bet few people saw that coming. That's certainly a coup for the airport. According to another website the CPH-NQY route begins on 28 June. There are no details of frequency or duration of the service. In the past SAS has operated short season summer routes from Stockholm to Bristol from the end of June to mid-August. I wonder if SAS sees this primarily as a route for Danish tourists to visit Cornwall along the lines of the Eurowings routes from Dusseldorf, Berlin and Stuttgart.
Doncaster Airport Re-brands ‘Easy, friendly, relaxed’
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Doncaster Sheffield Airport reveals confident new Easy Friendly Relaxed brand Following a series of recent national awards voted for by its passengers, Doncaster Sheffield Airport recently revealed its new ‘Easy, friendly, relaxed’ brand, to reflect its growing reputation as the UKs favourite airport. DSA The Doncaster airport was recently named as the best airport in the UK recently by Which? Magazine for the second time in a row. This came hot on the heels of the accolade of the UK’s favourite airport, according to Saga members and the airport’s assistance for passengers with...
Concorde & the future of supersonic passenger travel
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I think a lot of people, including many not normally interested in aviation, would like to see a Concorde fly again. I'm not concerned which Concorde took to the air but I suspect the more time goes by the less likely it is, and there didn't seem too much chance once the decision had been taken to ground the French and British fleets permanently. It was generally believed that the most likely candidate would be G-BOAF, the last Concorde to be built in Britain and the last Concorde ever to fly - so far!! AF returned to her place of birth at Filton but then spent seven years in the open...
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Plenty of room for Orange at Birmingham?

"With BHX having some big gaps in the route network I would hope they are working to fill them rather than creating more competition with the resultant lowering of yields. Obviously there would be some overlap and I'm sure that if easyjet were to base aircraft the likes of Malaga, Alicante and Faro would feature but there are so many more destinations that could be served. Lisbon, Athens, Stockholm, Seville, Valencia, Gibraltar, Basel, Reykjavik, Toulouse, Bilbao, Olbia and Mykonos are all unserved".....

The future of Thomas Cook Airlines?

"A decision on the future has been put off until the 27th of this month, days before their ATOL licence due for renewal and also the time of the year as with Monarch where the number of passengers out the country reduces sharply. There is a huge market for a package holiday company, whilst I have never bought a package holiday in 7 decades, many people worry about putting a holiday together on their own, even in todays internet age. It just seems companies no longer want to hold their customers hand."......

Leeds' busiest evening EVER....

"LBA's busiest ever evening, with over 50 diversions due to all airports South and West of LBA being fogged in was this Swissair Airbus A310 HB-IPE. Being one of the last diverts in, and with the (then smaller) apron being full, it was forced to park up overnight on the runway 14/32 loop, with all passengers de-planed here and bussed to the airport. Rumour has it that the crew were not impressed at this decision, although the situation was almost unprecedented, with several aircraft landing at LBA that were just about running on fumes - in particular a Dan Air Boeing 727 200 that diverted from Gatwick. The photo was taken"......

Ryanair "locks-in grandfather slots" at Manchester

"Airlines routinely take the opportunity to lock-in and 'grandfather' attractively-timed slots at congested airports as the opportunity arises to secure them. I suspect that is the dynamic at work here. Ryanair had twelve units based at MAN for S2019 season. Why surrender those slots? MAG's operations at both STN and MAN are subject to this consideration, but EMA is not. And there are rumours that the EMA base will be reduced in size. I would suggest that we are seeing Ryanair securing its foothold at the more congested airports to protect future profitability. I don't think there is an element of corporate favouritism going on, though it is certainly a positive thing that MAG and Ryanair do maintain a good working relationship.The real driver of Ryanair's network cutbacks is the continuing issue arising from non-delivery of the Boeing 737-MAX8 order. Carriers plan deployment of new fleet additions months - even years - in advance. As each date passes when another unit should"......

Leeds Bradford Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777 ops....?

"Talk of PIA bringing 777s into LBA was first mooted way back when the airline was operating into LBA with the A310s. The local PIA base manager at the time sited space in the terminal as being the main reason for the delay in bringing the aircraft into Leeds. The arrivals meet and greet was their main bone of contention as was the possibility having to park the aircraft on a remote stand. Two issues which were more of an obstacle than actually getting the aircraft on the ground.".....

Ryanair hits the breaks on expansion from Leeds Bradford

"We do have some idea from last years AGM where Ryanair is heading. MOL advised far to many seats on too many routes in Europe, even though carriers closing such as Monarch, around 6 airlines must fold to reduce capicity, seat numbers far greater then the number of passengers there to fill. Ryanair needed to reduce seat numbers by at least 5 million per year, meaning a reduction of 10% and would result in a similar number of base closures. Earning per seat were not been covered by revenue, every seat sold at a loss, only additional revenue, seat allocation etc saving the day.The last year had seen wages grow as the unions imposed there power on the company and fuel prices rose, MOL hoped Thomas Cook and Flybe would close to help the situation, both have not happened and his failure to buy Air berlin has been a financial nightmare in Germany, losing £150M alone in the last 12 months."......

Returning to BHX from Malta with Avion Express on behalf Thomas Cook

"We have just returned from Malta after flights on Avion Express leased in A320 for Thomas Cook, the aircraft and flight were fine and branded as Cooks with the cabin Crew all Thomas Cook staff not sure about the flight crew though as outbound the pilot had a heavy East European accent and inbound spoke in a cut glass English.Arriving at BHX check in was fine and there were P&O staff at the desk to assist those passengers like us who were on a cruise I estimate more than 50% of the passenger were crusers (more of that later). Security was fine and we "......

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