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Aviador wrote on Crazycat's profile.
Welcome to Forums4airports @Crazycat If there isn't a thread already open for Girona Airport GRO, feel free to create one in our European Airport section and you can add photos, news and info. See you there and around the forums!
Aviador wrote on DaveReidUK's profile.
Welcome to Forums4airports Dave!

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Cardiff Airport welcomes disabled pilots
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Cardiff Airport welcomes disabled pilots Cardiff Airport has entered into a new partnership with Aerobility, the UK’s disabled flying charity that provides a range of life-changing flying activities lessons for disabled people; training for disabled pilots seeking to gain qualifications as well as flying days for disabled aviators. The partnership means that any pilots flying with the Aerobility scheme will be welcome to depart and land at Cardiff Airport with zero fees, and ground handling support is on hand for pilots and their aircraft. Access to the airfield at Cardiff Airport also...
Stansted: £59 million baggage system upgrade takes shape
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£59 million baggage system upgrade progresses at pace as Stansted Transformation Project celebrates two-year milestone As London Stansted marks two years since the start of its multi-million-pound transformation project, one of its most complex and important projects is progressing at pace behind the scenes. Stansted is investing £59 million in a brand-new baggage delivery system, updating the huge network of conveyor belts, lifts and chutes underneath the main terminal which transports up to 30,000 bags every day. The work is designed to coincide with the improvements to the airport’s...
SAS best in class for noise and emissions performance at Heathrow
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SAS best in class for noise and emissions performance at Heathrow Heathrow reveals the airport’s latest Fly Quiet and Green league table showing airlines are swapping in newer jets and improving how they fly to decrease noise and emissions SAS named best airline based on their performance this quarter – assisted by the introduction of A320neos, better track-keeping and continuous descent approaches Oman Air improves score from last quarter landing second place thanks to the introduction of 787 Dreamliners that use 25% less fuel per passenger compared with aircraft of a similar size and...
Heathrow Academy celebrates 15 years of outstanding apprentices
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Heathrow Academy celebrates 15 years of outstanding apprentices Since 2004 Heathrow has supported over 5800 people into employment and contributed over £13.5 million towards training and career development Heathrow celebrates signing the Care Leaver Covenant, helping to make training and careers at Heathrow accessible to all. 87 apprentices graduated from the Heathrow Employment and Skills Academy this year, with 68% of graduates living in the five local boroughs closest to the airport: Hounslow, Hillingdon, Ealing, Spelthorne and Slough. Celebrating 15 years since opening its doors...
Manchester Airport secures landmark link to Shanghai
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Manchester Airport secures landmark link to Shanghai Manchester Airport announce flights between Manchester and Shanghai with Juneyao Air Flights start end of March 2020 and will operate three times per week 787 Dreamliner aircraft in operation with a two-class configuration Dignitaries, businesses, universities and tourism bodies praise the route Only UK airport outside of London now with the route Manchester Airport today announced a landmark deal to connect the North with Shanghai, China’s biggest city and one of the world’s most important economic powerhouses. Chinese carrier...
Additional flights added between Cardiff , Newcastle and Aberdeen
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Cardiff Sunday flights added to Newcastle and Aberdeen Flybe is introducing Sunday flights operated by its franchise partner, Eastern Airways, to both its Cardiff to Newcastle and Aberdeen air services. Following the re-introduction of the Cardiff – Aberdeen link this month, the operator will commence Sunday services from Cardiff to Newcastle and Aberdeen from 12 January 2020. Sunday services will complement the daily weekday flights provided to Newcastle and Aberdeen from Cardiff. Fares start from £99 one way, including taxes and charges and Sunday services are available now to book...
Gatwick's try before you fly....
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Young families and older people get a taste of airport surroundings before they fly Travelling through an airport can be challenging for some people Gatwick’s Accessibility Days designed to make it easier by giving people with a disability a taste of airport surroundings before they fly Day only possible thanks to easyJet, BA, Virgin Atlantic, TUI, Sussex Police, Border Force, Gatwick Fire Service and numerous volunteers from Gatwick Older adults with dementia joined over 30 young families at Gatwick’s Accessibility Day on Saturday (16 Nov), so that they too had a chance to experience...
Birmingham Airport publishes sustainability strategy
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BIRMINGHAM AIRPORT PUBLISHES SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY Birmingham Airport Publishes Sustainability Strategy Birmingham Airport has published its Sustainability Strategy outlining recent achievements and future aims to ensure it remains a responsible neighbour and reduces its environmental impact. The Strategy has been developed around the theme of Commitment, Investment and Progress and outlines the airport’s vision to maximise the economic and social benefits it brings to its region and minimise its impact on its neighbours and the global environment. The main headline in the publication...
Glasgow FlightPath Fund awards £100,000 to 68 local groups and charities
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Airport's FlightPath Fund awards £100,000 to 68 local groups and charities Glasgow Airport’s FlightPath Fund awarded more than £100,000 in 2019 to help support 68 charities and community groups in Renfrewshire, Glasgow, East and West Dunbartonshire. Representatives from community groups and charities to benefit from FlightPath Fund support in 2019 were joined by local politicians and members of Glasgow Airport’s senior management team at a celebratory event held at the Tannahill Centre, Paisley. As well as marking another successful year for the FlightPath, the Fund’s Chair Archie...
Norwich Airport: TUI launches additional 10,000 seats for Winter 2020
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Norwich Airport: TUI launches additional 10,000 seats for Winter 2020 Introducing 10 and 11-night holidays to Tenerife from Norwich Airport for Winter 2020 Introducing 10 and 11-night holidays to Tenerife from Norwich Airport for Winter 2020 10,000 extra seats go on sale from Norwich Airport this month 9th December, London – TUI, the world’s leading holiday company and the UK’s number one holiday provider, has announced its winter 2020 programme by adding an extra 10,000 seats from Norwich airport. TUI has now added 10 and 11-night holidays to Tenerife with the addition of a weekly...
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A degree of certainty with Ryanair from Cardiff?

"The one thing that is always certain about Ryanair announcements is that if they happen, they're almost impossible to second guess! If there is an imminent announcement incoming, I'd make my guess, in decreasing likelihood...
1. Lauda route to PMI.
2. Ryanair route to bucket and spade destination.
3. Ryanair Dublin route.
4. Other Ryanair route.
5. Malta Air route - FCO.
6. Buzz route. 1. This one has been rumoured to be on its way for a little while now. PMI is usually CWL's best seasonal route, so it seems logical this would be high up the pecking order for expansion. Since Lauda have recently announced Bournemouth- PMI, CWL would be on par with this. Announcement of Lauda on this route would be a heavy duty nail into Vueling's coffin at Cardiff. 2. As mentioned above by Jerry above, a highly likely route would be Alicante, which is another route similar to FR's offering at CWL already. This again, would be problematic for Vueling. 3. This may seem like an unlikely option given Flybe's up to 3x daily schedule, however this route does have its merits. The type of customers a Ryanair route would attract, and did when it operated, are high volume mutual tourism between the two cities, something the Welsh Gov is keen to increase. Flybe's route is more attractive to business and connecting passengers for Aer Lingus to America. Following Mrs Bowen-Rees's recent comments on CWL's targeting of a transatlantic route, I don't know how much value the airport would place on a Dublin connection diluting these passengers anyway, especially when KLM from AMS is in this market too. From FR's perspective, an early DUB arrival could easily operate their entire current CWL schedule with a later return to DUB. This could continue the successful TFS route as well without the cost of basing at CWL."......

Easyjet rumours from Bristol...?

"I will be very surprised if something is not announced in the next couple of weeks or so. Seems a bit daft to buy slots if you're not going to use them. I don't know how much BRS slots would have cost as they are only scarce in the 2300-0700 period in summer, or if easyJet would be expected to give them up if they don't use them. The report in the local paper a week or so ago contained strong hints from easyJet that something was in the offing. The linked report mentions easyJet's belief that more people want holidays outside the 'traditional' seven or 14-day periods. TUI said much the same thing with its announced summer 2020 programme from a number of airports where some sun routes have been given additional flights on other days of the week to provide a more flexible product for customers.".....

Easyjet profits down

Easyjet profits down...

"Todays full years results from Easyjet show profits down 26% year on year, accept in line with city forecasts but not good and camouflaged by the Holiday company news. No mention of German losses, but blame Brexit. If I remember Monarch placed an order for new airlines, in July 2018, Condor looking to buy new wide body aircraft. Buying new aircraft not a sign of financial strength. This is an extract from a briefing note I have received today on Easyjet 2019 figures, not sure I am allowed to publish in full "we don't think the group is out of the woods yet". The report question nearly every future prediction the company made in their report and lets say the report is cautious on the hopes for the new travel business.".....

Cardiff Qatar Doha stats breakdown...

"In what was a relatively easy exercise thanks to Jerry's monthly breakdowns in the CAA stats thread, I thought I'd have a quick add up and see what the rolling total for the past year has been on the Doha route. Just out of curiosity.
Nov 2018 - 5221
Dec 2018 - 6449
Jan 2019 - 6641
Feb 2019 - 5435
March 2019 - 6106
April 2019 - 7884
May 2019 - 4997
June 2019 - 6077
July 2019 - 10558
August 2019 - 11714
September 2019 - 9030
October 2019 - 7387
That would give a rolling year total on the route to the end of October of 87,472. Hopefully by the two year anniversary of the route we will be looking at a total comfortably into the 90's. It's strange how poorly May has performed for both years it has been in operation.".....

Downloadable copy of the BHX winter timetable 2019-2020

"Find attached my compiled timetable for Winter 2019-20. all subject to change, missing charter flights not included are TUI to Sharm El Sheikh, Titan santa flights to Ivalo, Freebird Sunday charters to Dubrovnik, and as of yet no schedule for the expected return of Turkmenistan. enjoy!"......

Bristol Airport expansion delayed

"North Somerset Council's planning committee won't now hold a hearing into the airport's current expansion plan application until next year, but no date has yet been set. The application was submiited last December. Given the make-up of the elected membership of the council it seems highly likely that they will reject the application which could then lead to an airport appeal to the planning Inspectorate. It that course of action was taken it might be 18 months from now at the earliest before a planning inspector made a final decision. Not a good prospect for the airport if someone like Jet 2 was looking to base a number of aircraft there from 2021 as almost certainly that would take the annual passenger numbers close to or through the 10 mppa current planning limit."......

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