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  • Malham Cove
    There was no water there last summer when we visited.
  • Carpatair F100
    Milan Bergamo
  • Carpatair F100
    @Seasider Where was this taken so I can feature it on the homepage?
  • Norway
    No not at all, they don't operate a fracture railway system in Norway like the UK, hence it works !
  • Cannock Chase
    I just love forest walks. I can almost smell the pine needles looking at this picture. It was a great shot Mr Finkle
  • Fjord Norway
    The Fjords look spectacular, you must have had a great time.

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Drones ground London Gatwick flights causing disruption to thousands of passengers
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Flights remain grounded at London Gatwick airport due to drone operations close to the airport. There is a Police operation underway to search for the drone and it's operator. Numerous flights have been diverted to other airports. Passengers are advised to contact their airline before travelling to the airport. Flights are not expected to recommence until 19:00 at the earliest. (20.12.18) In a statement from the airport the airport said, "Gatwick Airport’s runway remains closed and all flights are currently suspended following reports of drones flying over Gatwick’s airfield last night...
Development plans to deliver next chapter in Bristol Airport’s success story
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Development plans to deliver next chapter in Bristol Airport’s success story Bristol Airport has submitted a planning application to North Somerset Council seeking permission to increase capacity to handle up to 12 million passengers a year by the mid-2020s. Passenger numbers are expected to pass the nine million mark for the first-time next year. The proposed development includes new infrastructure, improvements to existing facilities, and operational changes to ensure the airport can continue to meet demand for air travel to and from the South West of the UK well into the next...
Manchester Airport reacts to publication of the Government’s Aviation Strategy Green Paper
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Manchester Airport reacts to publication of the Government’s Aviation Strategy Green Paper (17 December 2019), Government published its Aviation Strategy Green Paper, called Aviation 2050: The Future of UK Aviation. The draft strategy, open for public consultation for 16 weeks, is structured around a series of objectives: support growth while tackling environmental impacts help the aviation industry work for its customers build a global and connected Britain/ encourage competitive markets ensure a safe and secure way to travel develop innovation, technology and skills airspace...
First 1 million November
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First 1 million November Edinburgh Airport has recorded its first ever 1 million passenger November after a record 1,045,708 passed through the terminal last month. The figures are up 11.7% on the same month last year and makes November the strongest month in terms of year on year growth in 2018. International passengers and domestic passengers were both up 11.7% as well. 2018 Nov % vs Last Year Domestic 475,694 +11.7% International 570,014 +11.7% Total 1,045,708 +11.7% MAT 14,208,213 +6.3% Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport said: “To post our first ever 1 million...
NATS installs new digital flight strip system at Bristol Airport
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NATS installs new digital flight strip system at Bristol Airport NATS, the UK’s leading air traffic services provider, has successfully introduced its new Hub and Spoke Electronic Flight Progress Strip (EFPS) system at Bristol Airport. The new system will incorporate the airport’s tower and approach services that handle over 75,000 flights per year carrying more than 8.5 million passengers to destinations across Europe and beyond. The roll-out follows the system’s previous successful implementations at Belfast International, Belfast City and Farnborough Airports when controllers...
Flight from Liverpool to Bergen with Wideroe
  • 533
  • 5
I decided to try a weekend in Bergen soon after this new route was announced so thought a pre Christmas visit would be ideal. Left on 7 Dec the flight is due to depart at 08.05 at present but in the new year it will be around 10.00. Checked in bag and made way through security. There was quite a number of people going for a Wizz flight at same time but was still screen fast. The flight was parked remotely so we were bussed. I would say the flight was over a quarter full. Smooth flight and plane is still very smart inside being very new. Flying time 1.30h. Free hot drink on board...
Heathrow pays for ‘settled status’ as team welcomes 80m passengers
  • 175
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Heathrow pays for ‘settled status’ as team welcomes 80m passengers Recognising the service Heathrow colleagues provide, airport pays to settle status of EU nationals in move to reassure colleagues News comes as Heathrow welcomes 80 millionth passenger over a twelve-month period Announcement follows the launch of the Living Wage roadmap which ensures direct suppliers guarantee employees the Living Wage by the end of 2020 As Heathrow today reaches an historic milestone, the airport has announced that it will pay to achieve ‘settled status’ for EU colleagues responsible for welcoming 80...
New passenger scanner uses space technology to speed up airport security
  • 302
  • 4
New passenger scanner uses space technology to speed up airport security A super-sensitive passenger scanner that reveals hidden security threats is being trialled at Cardiff Airport in the UK. The walk-through scanner, which uses space technology to image human body heat, is the result of a collaboration between Sequestim Ltd. and Cardiff University scientists. Computer learning allows the scanner to distinguish between threats and non-threats but without the need for passengers to keep still or remove outer clothing. Globally, around 12 million passengers travel by plane...
Trip Summary LHR-PER via DXB; PER-MEL; MEL-LHR via DXB (Emirates and Qantas)
  • 276
  • 2
Australia-bound Since 2010 my wife and I have been flying to Australia to visit family. We’ve always used Emirates and last month was our seventh trip in the past eight years. Previously we have used Gatwick Airport, and Birmingham Airport on one occasion. This year our departure point was Heathrow. I’ve submitted trip reports regarding our journeys to Oz in the past and as the flights have been with Emirates a further detailed trip report might be repetitious so I’ve submitted a slightly reduced summary of the trip this time. All times shown are local to the airport in question. We...
Manchester Airport Private Terminal
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Manchester Airport to launch private terminal, offering “Private Jet experience” on commercial airlines Manchester Airport today revealed plans to be the first major UK airport to open a private terminal, which offers passengers a “private jet experience” while flying on commercial airlines. The airport is today releasing preview designs of the new terminal, which will be called PremiAir. The PremiAir experience will be available to purchase for passengers irrespective of class of travel or the destination they are flying to – and prices start at £50. There will be a number of different...
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And the alcohol for tonight is....?
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Primarily a Friday and Saturday night thread for people to discuss their favourite tipples. Their latest Gin or Whisky collection or maybe the local ale.
Global Warming or Global Cooling?
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What are your thoughts on climate change? For the last two decades at lest we have been spoon fed a global warming agenda, "the Earth is burning up", our "use of fossil fuels is causing Co2 to spiral out of control". More recently the IPCC lead by the United Nations released a report saying we have to take immediate action to save the planet from catastrophe. During the 90's I went along with this narrative. As a person who has always been interested in weather and the climate I have always followed the subject with much interest and like most people I went along with the idea that man...
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Leave meant many different things to different people at the time of the 2016 referendum and for many Leave voters it meant something entirely different to the governments own interpretation of Leave which is what Teresa Mays deal is. The Conservative government itself is split for exactly the same reason as they interpret the vote in a different way. That was the biggest problem with the In or Out option as the vote didn't mention things like the Good Friday agreement. The Leavers quickly start dropping off when out means x, y or z. Remain means just one thing.

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What the hell is Prince Phillip doing at the age of 98 driving a range rover. ;-(
oldendays wrote on a300boy's profile.
True, TCX has seen better days but their LBA offering was already on its arse so there's no excuse to have lost what little was left. At least Bill Savage secured a base from the then Airtours, and Britannia/Thomson. Now all lost. Meeson must be laughing. I really don't understand how Jet2 - a relative newcomer - seem to be able to get it right and the elder statesmen can only cut and run. Backhanders, maybe ?
oldendays wrote on a300boy's profile.
Is it just me, or has LBA achieved nothing since David Outlaws and his gang have been in charge ? Terminal improvements aside, which are a legacy of the previous management, the airport just keeps on losing business. If I was AMP, I would be putting the genial Geordie on notice just now.
Is anybody feeling christmassy yet ? Im not ;-( Maybe some mulled wine will help with proceedings ??

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