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Wildlife at airports
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As I'm interested in wildlife as well as aviation, I'm often looking out of aircraft windows when taxing to see what creatures might be about. Recently when I was watching aircraft at LPL doing the Kiev flights, I was aware how many birds were around me in the grass around the taxiway and shrubland surrounding. I saw Kestrels Blackcaps, Swallows and Whitethroat , but most exciting was quite a number Grey Partridge, a once common farmland bird which is now on the countries "red list" being...
And the alcohol for tonight is.....
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Rubis A gift left in the back of the cupboard since Christmas. Everything's got to go...... .....down the Gregory peck!
City of Leeds Nostalgia - Thread
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I was trolling through some old Photobucket pictures and found these which gave me an idea for a new thread. The nostalgia threads in the airport forums work well so I thought maybe it's worth a go here too. This is known as Granary Wharfe and it was taken at Leeds City Station back in about 2007 just after the worldwide recession kicked in. GranWharfe1 by Aviador posted Nov 9, 2017 at 11:26 AM This is Broadcasting Place in the heart of the Leeds student district. The building was finished...
Frequent Flyer Favourite Aircraft Types
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What is your favourite aircraft type and why? Is it aesthetics/sound/size/comfort etc.? Please choose up to three aircraft type in the poll and then explain why? If the one you want isn't in the poll, just say in the comments section. Hopefully we can get some good discussion. I will be doing mine later on.
(SXM) St Maarten Terminal Building Reconstruction Project
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... SXM Terminal Building Reconstruction Project on Schedule Mold Remediation and Surface Removal Decontamination process in the temporary Arrival and Baggage Claim area Simpson Bay, St. Maarten (Wednesday September 5, 2018) – The Mold Remediation and Surface Removal Decontamination process is underway at the terminal building of the Princess Juliana International Airport - SXM. The scope of the work will also include the installation of HEPA air filtration units and portable humidifiers to...
Global Warming or Global Cooling?
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What are your thoughts on climate change? For the last two decades at lest we have been spoon fed a global warming agenda, "the Earth is burning up", our "use of fossil fuels is causing Co2 to spiral out of control". More recently the IPCC lead by the United Nations released a report saying we have to take immediate action to save the planet from catastrophe. During the 90's I went along with this narrative. As a person who has always been interested in weather and the climate I have always...
Hornby 00 gauge
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There HAS to be someone on here that had a Hornby train set. I kind of inherited mine from my sister when it consisted of just a couple of locos, think they were a 3 car electric local commuter train and a set of pulman carriages pulled by a magnificent 4/6/4 steam engine called if I'm right Princess Elizabeth. The collection grew quite quickly under my 'ownership' until it had enough rolling stock, locomotives and track for 13 complete train's which could all be accommodated in individual...
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