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    Qatar Airways

    So is the accommodation during the stopover complimentary or additional fee. How can you request it? im still holding off for a potential charter flight to be announced.
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    Potential Routes

    Obviously Orly serves Paris Region so arguably is covered and similar can be said for Belfast International. Galway was once operated by Aer Arann however that no longer accepts commercial traffic. Aer Arann also operated to Lorient which I believe was successful passenger wise but maybe not...
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    Cardiff Airport - General Thread

    The issue here is that passengers are prepared to travel to Bristol. Not only that on many cases they are used to flying from Bristol. With their own issues due to Boeing 737 Max Tui only had a limited scope to jump in and fill the void left by Thomas Cook. So knowing that passengers are...
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    Eastern Airways

    I suppose wonder what a rail fare would have been in comparison when we say eye watering fares. if you can get an air fare lower than rail fare when you get a significant time saving you should always be thankful.
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    Cardiff Airport - General Thread

    Not many places where you can get a Dreamliner followed by a PA28. hope the variety continues.
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    They used to do it for ad-hoc events but don’t appear to do it anymore.
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    Is it maybe another of the Ryanair group bringing back Tenerife?
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    Considering Tinkerman places this in the Ryanair thread then I would guess not. Tinkerman has had good track record on getting things right.
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    Expected Movements

    It could be anything including Welsh National Orchestra
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    Rugby, Football and General Sport flights/charters.

    I have booked my flights to Rome via Gatwick on Vueling. When I booked my flights at midnight KLM was already over £300 and connections via Vienna with Austrian (CityJet) or Lufthansa also looking at £300 each way. I was looking for 19th June outbound and 23rd return as my Birthday is on the...
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    Potential Routes

    Sorry don’t understand Icelandic. What are we praying for?
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    Rugby, Football and General Sport flights/charters.

    Not going to happen. They won’t have the guts to strip Russia of their games.
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    UK Government blocks devolution of Air Passenger Duty to Wales

    I believe the same TLY that the airlines will pocket the money themselves rather than pass it on to the customers however if that what it takes to get them at Cardiff then maybe that’s the price that has to be made. Of course it is competition on routes that brings the prices down and that is...
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    CAA Provisional Statistics Update

    At this rate and current luck think be hopefully and grateful if it’s 2 million per year.
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    Rugby, Football and General Sport flights/charters.

    Is that actually available to buy or is one of them maybe a team flight?
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