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    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    Fight2win, I agree I was surprised that they hadn’t dualed the road, but I think the compromise is the cycleways and these will be offset against environmental damage. Roundabouts are rarely more effective unless they have traffic signals and they take up more space. So again the signals will...
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    Fly bmi

    I think it’s a real shame, most importantly for those people directly affected and their families.
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    As long as there are more 737-800 sevices so that capacity isn’t lost, then the loss (other than aircraft variety)is not a bad thing?
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    TUi Airlines UK

    Flew out yesterday on 737-800 max to AGP. Excellent service, very spacious with Dreamliner interior and Tui trialing interactive services which was really good. Onboard films,box sets, bookable excursions etc all available via mobile or tablet with free Wi-Fi access. Really good...
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    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    I would imagine it will be national, just the production is local. I’m surprised it’s not channel 5 as they like to big up Yorkshire with Yorkshire vet etc- all good in promoting the countryside and opportunities here.
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    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    I don’t think so - it is an ITV studios production called Yorkshire Airoprt. Something to look forward to :-)
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    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    I don’t think we should chase routes for the sake of a route, but competition is a good thing as it generally keeps market prices in check and allows for expansion where the market dictates it. So if we compete, we may win passengers, if we don’t compete we lose them. In addition, if LBA was to...
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    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    YesHendi, I used them last month and they are very organised.
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    I doubt it is to do with the city not going down well from LBA. It is more likely flight times and economics at that time. Milan is huge, places like Como and southern Switzerland are easily accessible as well as Italian Lake destinations (although VRN is better for them). If flight times and...
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    Manchester Airport Transformation Programme - Terminal 2 work only

    I think the inside pier shots look very good and look decent quality with Nice and airy clean lines. I think the exterior cladding and glass is disappointing and looks a bit cheap imo. Hopefully external may look different when it all comes together. Either way a massive bonus for MAN.
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    Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    Anyone know what’s happened with tonight’s Jet2 Faro flight?
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    Route Development

    ein Weihnachtsgeschen!!Excellent news! Let’s hope Frankfurt follows :-)
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    Airport Experience (Questions & Reviews)

    Offint I never said it was a big deal I said it was a cr*p experience and this is down to the infrastructure. Not being able to unload a flight due to one being ready to load wouldn’t happen somewhere like Doha, because they were designed with segregation in mind. Hopefully when the new...
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    Airport Experience (Questions & Reviews)

    I suppose it would depend on the mobility of those people and which stand they arrived at, personally I would rather disembark via an air bridge or walk. The bus only adds to the third world feel of arrivals and that is at whichever airport; Alicante bussing was equally cr*p.
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    Airport Experience (Questions & Reviews)

    Arrived home yesterday from ALC on G-DRTF arrived an hour late due to French air traffic strike. We had to sit on the aircraft in Alicante with no air con and the plane was boiling. That hot they had to come round with water! Service was ok, the staff were a bit silly and immature which didn’t...


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