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    Air France/KLM

    Yes. F-HEPI was in today. Second one of the new schedule I think?
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    THG Air

    It might be easier for MAG. But not for THG. And THG is the customer.
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    Manchester Movement Logs & Heads Up

    The two A359's did operate today (26th). Not sure about QTR27. Just noticed the time of your post. A7-ALA (ISB) arrived 18:54; A7-ALQ (LHE) arrived 20:03.
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    CAA Provisional Statistics Update

    I think it is safe to assume that we're thanking the contributor for posting useful data rather than approving of the horrific trading environment afflicting the industry. :)
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    Virgin Atlantic

    Whether or not Monarch, Thomas Cook or FlyBe should have been helped is a different argument. They failed against the backdrop of a 'normal' trading environment. If the UK had a US-style Chapter 11 arrangement perhaps they could have been saved. But that argument has been discussed before...
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    Manchester Movement Logs & Heads Up

    Further to my post 2035, all those football matches have been called off now.
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    Manchester Movement Logs & Heads Up

    Several of these are for the teams taking part (not fans). They should run as planned. The Level A321 on 19th is for the game in Manchester which (at present) is set to proceed as normal, so fans may still travel over. If permitted, a match featuring Linz playing at Old Trafford will be...
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    EasyJet is imposing big cutbacks on the MAN-BFS route (and probably others). I've just had an evening booking cancelled (future travel) and there was no alternative flight available to book till more than 24 hours later. Looks like the route will operate just once daily midweek - presumably till...
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    Cold Winter, Mild Summer?

    If these numbers are accurate, I find myself wholly underwhelmed by Virgin's contribution in SD's list above. +3.4% increase in seats by Virgin Atlantic is the kind of number one might expect in a 'normal' season; with the huge Thomas Cook transatlantic programme gone that number is a shocker...
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    Aer Lingus

    The image (partial timetable) posted above mentions a total of 46 flights pw in the preamble. I'm definitely missing something here!!! :) EDIT: So I think we're saying that the original piece has added the totals incorrectly? So 48 is the actual number! Knowing Aer Lingus, they'll probably...
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    Aer Lingus

    That's reassuring. But the part-timetable we can see shows 42 frequencies. Are there only four days with a later evening flight?
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    Aer Lingus

    The business day in both Dublin and Manchester is a far, far bigger deal than Transatlantic feed.
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    Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    VistaJet CL-350 9H-VCO headed off to Yorkshire as well. Either LBA or DSA.
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    Aer Lingus

    That is actually a dreadful schedule. Plenty of frequencies, but last departure from MAN to DUB at 17:20 every weekday? And travellers would have to be in the terminal at least an hour before then. Useless for any business traveller working around the standard 9 to 5 working day. IIRC though...
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    Manchester Airport - General Thread

    But FlyBe is (hopefully) set to become Virgin Connect, and MAG appears to have a good working relationship with Virgin / Delta. It would be very surprising if it was them. Besides, I think FlyBe have bigger things to worry about. The airline concerned (if it is an airline) could even be one of...
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