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    My favourite TV comedy moments.

    I always love moments from Fawlty Towers... they are so outrageous... :D Hard to pick just one moment
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    Anyone ever thought about flying private?

    There is a rumor that next year we could fly private for a few meetings. The commercial flight times are so awkward, so it may be that there's no choice but to go private, which I'm excited about! :) A few of my colleagues are already looking at JetApp with regards to booking... I think they are...
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    Eco-friendly Transport

    It appears "Eco-friendly hydrogen trains to replace ageing dirty diesels". i really think these need to arrive asap :/ Worried about the environment :(
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    Boarding Pass Printing/Mobile

    Really? What kind of airport doesn't accept mobile passses in this day and age?
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    Anyone ever thought about flying private?

    It feels like a bit of a fantasy right now, but I've always dreamed of flying in my own private jet ;) Not sure how or when this could happen, but I feel like one day I could pull it off. I occasionally travel abroad for business meetings... so maybe I can convince my company to pay for one :P...


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