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    TUi Airlines UK

    There was a delay to the BRS-CUN flight yesterday which made it late. Pushed back, then passenger requested to disembark which then they had to go back onto the stand and look for bags.
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    I have heard easyJet have crew issues, sadly no standby either which is probably why 1 or 2 flights at the moment are being cancelled and more are delayed with crew out of hours.
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    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    The airport changed where the coaches go because it was clogging up the forecourt and vehicles could not move. But having to pay £12.50 to pick up/drop off, then £25 per hour is not unreasonable to ask, specially if it's within a 2 minute walk to the main terminal. God knows how many they pay to...
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    ITV's "Yorkshire Airport".....?

    It's funny to watch but I wouldn't travel from this airport due to how they perform their jobs. The same could also be said for Nathan the security manager.
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    Thomas Cook

    I've been told the SmartLynx on the ground at the moment, LY-LCL is only a temporary stand in for LY-LCZ (current reg: SP-HAY) which will be taking over which is a former Small Planets aircraft.
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    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    The aircraft stands which used to park FlyBMI aren't big enough for an A319 or A320. They don't want to make them bigger for the meantime incase things change. But there are more aircraft stands in progress which should be operational by May time I believe.
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