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  1. Sherburnflyer92

    The trouble however @Aviador is the limited things to do. It's not like one of the Canary Islands but further south and guaranteed weather. It's undeveloped in many resorts meaning limited things to do unless people are happy to stay in their hotel complexes (bit like some resorts in the...
  2. Sherburnflyer92

    Most people ignore that. Unless they have an uprising it wouldn’t affect the choice of holiday. Egypt’s a lovely country with fantastic people who always make everyone feel welcome. I’d go back tomorrow. Only a minority of do gooding people won’t go and we can all imagine where I think they...
  3. Sherburnflyer92

    A321NEO for sure. And yes Manchester for first base given it makes total sense as the 3 ex Tommy Cook A321 are based there. Engineers, tooling, qualified crew. With 70 on order LBA will be getting their fair share but this depends on the delivery schedule from Airbus. Let's be honest Jet2...
  4. Sherburnflyer92

    Is their legs in this Cape Verde rumour? I'm starting to believe there could well be.
  5. Sherburnflyer92

    Yield. Revenue - both things matter to an airline. January is always the quietest month for Jet2 traditionally.
  6. Sherburnflyer92


    That wet least last year would have hurt them. Alongside the fact they tried to gain access to LHR without any codeshares. Is it any wonder this ended in tears? If we go back in time the government should of bailed out Flybe as they offered vital regional connectivity. Sadly they didn't and what...
  7. Sherburnflyer92

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    You cannot. However the illusion is it’s much much bigger. Shame about the low ceiling.
  8. Sherburnflyer92 Found it interesting that whilst we were discussing Jet2 and Cape Verde easyJet, competitor to Jet2 with easyJet holidays increasing capacity, has signed a deal and promised to double capacity into Morocco by 2028...
  9. Sherburnflyer92

    9% extra into Yorkshire pockets. Which means Yorkshire economy, Leeds mainly, will feel the effect. Shame the government don’t like cutting taxes.
  10. Sherburnflyer92

    Wizz Air

    Oh dear. Oh dear.
  11. Sherburnflyer92

    757’s due for scrapyard and also no 757 @ LBA.
  12. Sherburnflyer92

    With 70+ A321 neos coming they’ll have to go somewhere. And as much as it’s just a rumour coming from source, it’s still good to have these discussions. A member recently commented how quiet it was so this is good. Discussion about Cape Verde with Jet2 and from LBA with Jet2.
  13. Sherburnflyer92

    A321NEO’s will appear in LBA sooner than members think. I would hazard a guess this winter at some point but definitely in place for Summer. All reliant on deliveries and Airbus. Starting Cape Verde from MAN BHX STN is a safe option. It ensures the airline/tour operator knows the market, it’s...
  14. Sherburnflyer92

    Which let’s face it will be most U.K. bases and probs BFS. And given how modest Jet2 grow destinations, the fact that this will mostly be winter destination from majority of bases, I would say the 21NEO will easily do it. However as you pointed out the NG needs also to be used and I can see...
  15. Sherburnflyer92

    Just talks. I personally see #Egypt and #Morocco first before #CapeVerde But it will be on the agenda I suspect.
  16. Sherburnflyer92

    Wizz Air

    There quite attractive inbound from Poland but not outbound. However with a bit of clever booking you could go Ryanair out and Wizz back.
  17. Sherburnflyer92

    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    It is that season. Jet2 released the Summer 24 programme really early, November last year, so other then both Ryanair/Jet2 launching 23/24 and 24/25 seasons respectively then yeah it's quite quiet at this moment.
  18. Sherburnflyer92

    Could we consolidate that post into the generic airline thread for Jet2? I got really excited seeing posts in each individual airports Jet2 threads thinking they've launched new routes and Winter 24/25 however to see it was a vegan menu I'm disappointed. As @Aviador also mentioned give me meat...
  19. Sherburnflyer92

    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    No no. Just decent Mayor, decent councillors and a decent lot of Labour Mp's. Meanwhile ours are hell bent on pursuing net zero - Zero Ideas because between the lot of them they have Zero brain cells.
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