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  1. Aviador

    Wish you were here...?

    I had a flashback of ITV holiday hit programme "wish you were here" recently if anyone can remember it from the 90's and the Leeds Jet2 thread has inspired me to open a new thread under the same name. Here's my "wish you were here?" Part cropped from the Jet2 thread but it's to give you an...
  2. Aviador

    Information: Foreign Travel Advice

    Turkish travel advise from the foriegn office has been updates over the last couple of days. Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Turkey. Terrorist groups, including PKK, Daesh (formerly referred to as ISIL) and far left organisations, continue to plan and carry out...
  3. Aviador

    DSA to wind down operations from October

    With the airfield in a state of disuse it is only reasonable to expect the CAA to classify it as that.
  4. Aviador

    It's a long time since Thomas Cook were around so I wouldn't judge #CapeVerde on the back of what they did. A quiet holiday mooching around untouched quaint villiages suits plenty of people. If Jet2 were to go there, I can't see it being a daily feature. Probably more likely once weekly...
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  7. Aviador

    Jet2 is very risk averse so I'm not convinced they'll return to Egypt while it's not the safest place to be. Interestingly I've done a fair amount of reading about Cape Verde recently and its one of the most open thinking African countries with a big European influence. A largely Christian...
  8. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    Was it sponsored by ER! Politics aside I'm just looking forward to seeing some visuals of the redevelopment. I hope they can come up with some decent fly-through images so we can see what we can expect. The wood panels in check in hall A are looking nice although there have already been some...
  9. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    The Labour controlled council with a planning panel containing members of Labour and Conservative councillors wanted rid of it and they were keen to see the old terminal gone. The Conservative government backed by Labour MPs were working hard to stop the plans. It was a political shitshow but we...
  10. Aviador

    Qatar Airways

    That's good news for them both. Did the paint really flake off? Was it ever proven or disproven? I guess we might never find out.
  11. Aviador

    Auckland (AKL)

    Auckland is right next to the Ocean on low lying ground. It must've been a hefty storm to flood the terminal though.
  12. Aviador

    Happy Birthday @tonysmith well done on reaching 65!

    Happy Birthday @tonysmith well done on reaching 65!
  13. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    Is it there now?
  14. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    You can't alter the exterior shape of the building with an internal refurbishment. I'd like to think they could move the narrow channel through Duty Free but they would need to build a new air traffic control tower first. The sort of refurbishment we are talking about is likely to involve a...
  15. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    If we were getting the originally proposed new #terminal we would still have to wait for its completion to benefit from the new facilities. I expect we will see the building of the new arrival and departure lounge facilities commence later this year hopefully by July as mentioned by @Easy289...
  16. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    The project I'm guessing is called X25 for a reason.
  17. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    A crucial factor I plucked out was clarification of being able to handle 6.8m passengers. Essentially the same as a new build.
  18. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    This has now closed so hopefully things will start moving soon. 6.8mppa and 55.9m spend Leeds Bradford Airport is seeking to appoint a suitable Main Contractor to work on a design and build project to enhance the facilities and passenger experience through: • Re-planning of the Passenger...
  19. Aviador

    Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    It wasn't deleted. If your post was about something that impacts Liverpool, Birmingham and Gatwick then it doesn't belong in the Leeds forum. Those reports were about the airlines subsidiary Wizz Air UK weren't they? Although obviously there will be some similarities but a subsidiary does have...
  20. Aviador

    Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    I know FR isn't terribly accurate but it's speed on approach was around 126 Nts then dipped to 123 Nts before jumping to 144 so looks like it was probably wind shear?
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