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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    Failure to make a decision by the agreed date would deem the applications having been refused and leave LBA having to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for a decision!
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    I’ve also explained several times why it was moved when the runway was extended (citing evidence given at the public inquiry). Firstly, to satisfy the requirement of the CAA for the provision of a RESA (runway end safety area). The dispensation to operate without a RESA at the 32 end was to be...
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    As you say LBA agreed to submit new applications and Vincent Hodder in his open letter on the LBA website assumes that the Council will follow the same procedure to allow interested parties to comment on the new applications...
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    It may seem ridiculous, but the original applications have been withdrawn and are no longer being considered by the Council. The new applications and their supporting evidence are what are to be determined. The Council issued a’ call for evidence‘ on the original applications. Not to follow the...
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    The Council will no doubt again issue a ‘call for evidence’ on the new applications. Expect the usual suspects to claim that the time period for determination should be extended because it includes the Christmas and New Year holidays which will limit the time they have to consider the new...
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    The applications have to be determined WITHIN 8 weeks unless an extension is agreed. No doubt LCC will be ensuring that they are seen to be giving the submitted evidence proper consideration to ensure that their decisions are not open to challenge. As new applications due process will have to be...
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    The new applications are not yet showing on the LCC website. The applications which show and are dated the 6th September are the original applications and shown as withdrawn today, the 14th December. The new applications will have to be determined within 8 weeks of the date that they were...
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    Air Traffic, ILS & Navigation Aids

    Also no doubt required for the helicopters using the rooftop helipad at the LGI
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    I assume that the Council will be trying to ensure that whatever decisions it makes on the certificate applications are watertight. If it grants them, there are no grounds for third parties to challenge the decisions. If it refuses them in whole, or in part there are not grounds for LBA to...
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    All politicians have to play/appeal to their core supporters, their constituency or Ward party. To be selected/re selected to face the wider electorate they have to win/retain their support. The local party is a small, not necessarily representative, part of their electorate and may hold...
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    Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up

    Yes, that’s my understanding too. The GTF (geared turbo fan) engine fitted to the NEOs is the one that’s affected.
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    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    I think I’ve posted before that when I was much younger and used to get very agitated by politics and politicians I can remember my dad telling me that I would eventually realise that politicians were all the same and only in it for themselves, how right he was!
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    I’ve also read the full document and just managed to stay awake! Thanks for your excellent summary which mirrors what is in the Q&A document which is now accessible on the website. Reading the Q&A document dispenses with the need to read the full document unless you have plenty of time to spare!
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    Airport seeks legal clarification on night flying

    Michael references the process for determining a certificate application as using the Criminal Law test of the evidence submitted - beyond all reasonable doubt, however the test used is the lower standard of Civil Law - the balance of probabilities. As has been stated many times the evidence and...
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    A new airport.... South Yorkshire Airport City?

    Yes, minimal mention of environmental issues and climate change in the report yet the report also states that the SYAC programme to reopen the airport is supported by all the local MPs one of whom is the Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero!!!
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    Route Development

    Remember seeing this at NCL when I lived in Newcastle. Yes, what stood out was keeping the starboard engines running on the Viscount when it was on the ground.
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    My first flight was....

    My first flight was in September 1959 on a Silver City Airways DC3 from Yeadon(LBA) to Ronaldsway(IOM). I remember the takeoff from runway 28 with the slow climb out over Yeadon Tarn. Then there was the obligatory photo on the aircraft steps on arrival. The following year the same flight was on...
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    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    The whole review is crackers! I live in East Leeds in the Harewood Ward which is in the Elmet and Rothwell constituency. This is now in the Wetherby and Easingwold constituency - we have great affinity with the area near Thirsk! I don’t see how this is local representation. I’ve just realised...
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    Future Infrastructure Developments

    WH think you’ve missed a couple of zeros off the size of the extension!
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