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  1. Aviador

    Could we see APD devolved to Wales under Labour?

    Ah yes, the levelling up fund. That'll be the same levelling up fund that was promised for the Northern Powerhouse between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull. We're still waiting. Cutting to the chase, I don't think Wales or Scotland should receive any more money than anywhere else. What we...
  2. Aviador

    Leeds Bradford Airport £100m Regeneration Programme

    Am I right in thinking they have only done the back half so far. The back as in the parts ferthest away from the ramp?
  3. Aviador

    Liverpool John Lennon - General Thread

    Makes sense. Reduces bottlenecks in the terminal at busy times.
  4. Aviador

    Could we see APD devolved to Wales under Labour?

    There was never going to be any Brexit money. Not for Wales, not for anyone. Those who thought that were nieve. Brexit cost money, it didn't make money. Remember, we're all still waiting on the NHS money from the big Brexit bus. It ain't coming, not now not ever. Anyway, as an Englishman, a...
  5. Aviador

    Could we see APD devolved to Wales under Labour?

    OK then, let's swing this discussion around the other way. APD is handed to the Welsh government and they decide to leave the charge as it is, or even increase it where as the English government decide to scrap or reduce the charges. Clearly you wouldn't be happy with that scenario either. That...
  6. Aviador

    Security, Immigration & Border Control

    Escalators can be dangerous with high volumes of people especially if they loiter or congregate at the top but the same could be said at shopping malls but they seem to manage alright. I'm fairly sure BRS airport manages alright and passengers there are directed up an escalator to go to security.
  7. Aviador

    Could we see APD devolved to Wales under Labour?

    In principle I'm not against handing the APD tax made from Welsh aviation over to the Welsh government to spend on whatever it chooses. If a devolved government then used its powers of devolution to lower the APD at CWL to make it more attractive to English customers across the Severn, then I...
  8. Aviador

    Route Development & Rumours

    Sadly we see this all too many times. It might make sense if the expected demend isn't expected to be sufficient to sustain the route from say LBA, MAN and LPL. Operating the flight from Manchester to serve the whole of the north of England is the right thing to do in that situation rather than...
  9. Aviador

    Security, Immigration & Border Control

    I will never get my head around why you would replace an escalator with a lift, I mean sure, yes add a couple of lifts but don't do away with the escalator. You can still walk up an escalator if it's broken, but you can't use a lift if that fails.
  10. Aviador

    Birmingham Airport - General Thread

    Mrs Aviador is desperate to got to Rome.
  11. Aviador

    Virgin Atlantic

    Arguably, with the right equipment airports such as Bristol, Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds are perfectly placed to offer flights to Florida and the Caribbean.
  12. Aviador


    It's funny how when a new airline shows up, the existing ones go into a frenzy announcing new routes.
  13. Aviador

    Security, Immigration & Border Control

    When was this, this morning?
  14. Aviador

    Leeds Bradford Airport £100m Regeneration Programme

    T The internal layout and design has changed substantially and for the better thankfully.
  15. Aviador

    A new airport.... South Yorkshire Airport City?

    Do you not think the previously unsuccessful airport operator will have known all this? It wasn't a catalyst, it didn't work for them. Too many fairy-tale hopes are being pinned on this vanity project with a reliance on essentially steeling cargo ops from EMA and passenger traffic from LBA. It...
  16. Aviador

    He does only look about 12? :LOL: The youth of today haha.
  17. Aviador

    He could have autism or a similar disorder. Do airlines have rules for that kind of thing?
  18. Aviador

    Helpful[ATTACH] Great Photo[ATTACH]

    Helpful Great Photo
  19. Aviador

    Random Stuff!

    And a big welcome to Forums4airports!
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