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  1. oldendays

    KLM cityhopper

    A potential opportunity for Jet2 to coin it in on the LS205 this evening. I don't know if this happened.
  2. oldendays

    Can't deny it is an impressive range of destinations and frequencies. But, I also can't get over the 'eggs in one basket ' scenario I'm witnessing. I really wish TUI and Thomas Cook hadn't effectively been seen off by Jet2 and I wish we had easyJet here as well to restore some kind of balance...
  3. oldendays

    Fly bmi

    The trains between Leeds and Manchester Airport are operated by TransPennine Express. I think Northern do the Manchester Victoria stuff. I accept all trains use the same line at some stage of their journeys.
  4. oldendays

    Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up

    Just arrived a couple of minutes ago. I wondered why it was here.
  5. oldendays

    Airport Experience (Questions & Reviews)

    I certainly hope so. Buses cause a massive nuisance for other vehicles when they are stationary on the outside road and interstand clearways.
  6. oldendays

    British Airways

    Probably needs deicing. Temperature is minus 1 with drizzle.
  7. oldendays

    British Airways

    She flew overhead me as I was driving along Cemetery Road.
  8. oldendays

    Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up

    Polish-registered aircraft on the inbound Ryanair from Wroclaw this evening. SP-RSM.
  9. oldendays

    Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up

    Citation M-OLLY at Multiflight this afternoon.
  10. oldendays

    No time to lose. I hope there's enough pilots for all these additions.
  11. oldendays

    They might need them if Thomson and Cook have deserted us. I fear for LBA edging ever closer to a monopoly airline airport. It gives Jet2 more clout and holds AMP by the scrotum. Very unhealthy for a relatively small airport.
  12. oldendays

    True, TCX has seen better days but their LBA offering was already on its arse so there's no...

    True, TCX has seen better days but their LBA offering was already on its arse so there's no excuse to have lost what little was left. At least Bill Savage secured a base from the then Airtours, and Britannia/Thomson. Now all lost. Meeson must be laughing. I really don't understand how Jet2 - a...
  13. oldendays

    Thomas Cook

    a300boy. You have a private message.
  14. oldendays

    Is it just me, or has LBA achieved nothing since David Outlaws and his gang have been in charge...

    Is it just me, or has LBA achieved nothing since David Outlaws and his gang have been in charge ? Terminal improvements aside, which are a legacy of the previous management, the airport just keeps on losing business. If I was AMP, I would be putting the genial Geordie on notice just now.
  15. oldendays

    Thomas Cook

    Can't wait to hear David Laws make something positive out of this latest setback. In fairness, he isn't to blame but this is getting seriously shitty. First TUI, then TCX. All we need now is for British Airways to throw in the towel. WTAF is going on ?
  16. oldendays

    733 GDFH leaves us for the final time this morning, off down to Lasham at 10.30. I don't know if she's ultimately heading for the scrap yard or being sold as a serviceable airframe.
  17. oldendays

    Aircraft Flying Overhead [OTT]

  18. oldendays

    Aircraft Flying Overhead [OTT]

    There's a large, heavy propliner flying overhead as I type this. Probably another Antonov.
  19. oldendays

    I agree, Jet2 isn't likely to be an Airbus customer in the foreseeable future, WH. But I never say never. As I stated, it depends to a degree how persuasive Airbus are and how keen they are to prise Jet2 from Boeing. I thought the A330 operations from Manchester may have been partly an...
  20. oldendays

    I suppose it depends on the long-term plan. If the company is looking to continue with the occasional long haul charter or even get much more involved in this market, my money would be on the 787. Otherwise, the 737 Max. Also, a lot depends on how persuasive Airbus are if and when the time comes...


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