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  1. Jerry

    The Continuing Saga of Brexit... (Part II)

    Yep it's no doubt a policy that will appeal to many pro remain conservatives and pro remain labour voters.
  2. Jerry

    Belfast City - General Thread

    Rumours on the other forum and Twitter saying that Vueling will launch Alicante, Malaga and Mallorca for Summer 2020 and that HOP! will operate a daily CDG with an overnighting aircraft and that KLM will add an extra departure.
  3. Jerry

    Monarch Airlines

    I think it's the arrival. 6 am departure. If I read it correctly then there would be a 6 hour layover in JFK?
  4. Jerry

    Potential Routes

    I honestly can't see Ocky White chartering aircraft. I'd imagine that they would put packages together from Cardiff using KLM and Delta. As far as I know as well the only American airline that operates long haul out of Orlando is Delta to Amsterdam. It is a weird trip but from the photos there...
  5. Jerry

    Potential Routes

    It looks like the Cardiff airport agents team is out in Florida to promote the airport. Looking at the photos on Facebook it looks like they flew from Cardiff yesterday on KLM the mid morning departure and then flew from Amsterdam to Tampa with KLM and I'm assuming to Orlando with Delta but I...
  6. Jerry

    Route Development

    Its quite possible that with Lufthansa Frankfurt could be short of slots, they do seem to be building up their Munich hub so that is probably the best option for a Lufthansa route from BRS. With Loganair it does seem that they are concentrating mainly on Scotland with Aberdeen and Glasgow...
  7. Jerry

    Heathrow Airport - Photo Thread

    I've flown into Heathrow a few times now but it's been a very long time since i've actually flown from there. Must be nearly 20 years. It is though a nice airport with carriers someone like me won't see at my local airport.
  8. Jerry

    Heathrow Airport - Photo Thread

    Yes, these photos were taken on wednesday evening so a lot of the arrivals were from the east and europe whereas the photos i took on thursday morning much of the long haul is from the USA. As a planespotter the airline variety was great, definitely a change from Cardiff and Bristol!
  9. Jerry

    UK Government blocks devolution of Air Passenger Duty to Wales

    The UK state as a whole has failed to evolve and i think there is an arrogance at the top that has failed to address this or most likely thinks it doesn't need too. As you pointed out above the devolution settlement is all over the place and APD reflects that. I wasn't surprised that the UK...
  10. Jerry

    TUi Airlines UK

    According to a post on Facebook the Saturday morning PMI in 2020 will be operated on the 787 Dreamliner. What will that be then 4 or 5 short haul routes operated on the 787?
  11. Jerry


    This mornings E190 was in the Skyteam livery! Typically it turns up when I'm not there!
  12. Jerry

    Route Development & Rumours

    Cathay Pacific do operate a very large hub with onward connections over the Far east and Australasia.
  13. Jerry

    UK Government blocks devolution of Air Passenger Duty to Wales

    There has been a surge in support for an independent Wales to 24% if a referendum was held tomorrow and 33% if Wales was given the option of staying in the EU as an independent state in the scenario of the UK leaving the EU. When people who said they didn't know how they would vote were...
  14. Jerry

    Heathrow Airport - Photo Thread

    Part 4
  15. Jerry

    Heathrow Airport - Photo Thread

    Part 3
  16. Jerry

    Heathrow Airport - Photo Thread

  17. Jerry

    Heathrow Airport - Photo Thread

    Photos from my visit to Heathrow, these are from Wednesday evening Part1
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