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  1. Channex74

    We haven't been told anything yet, u think we would be the first to find out....but you guys seem to find all the good info out way before
  2. Channex74

    Yeah I'm ramp team leader at BHX
  3. Channex74

    Looks like i'm going to have a busy Summer :) :)
  4. Channex74

    Don't think we'll have 6 A321's......3 of our own plus 1 leased were hearing....don't forget that the Spanish based aircraft will also be doing rotations.
  5. Channex74

    That includes our Spanish based Aircraft that will be doing spins (PMI/ALC)
  6. Channex74

    Wouldn't that be nice.....but would never happen....BHX is very land locked.....the master plan which shows new stands being made etc is about all they can do really......we will have 15 Departures in the morning wave next summer, so empty stands will be few and far between come then, and its...
  7. Channex74

    Loose a sh*t tonne of Money I would imagine !! :)
  8. Channex74

    A few Xmas flights to new York once a year is hardly year round Long Haul is it ??
  9. Channex74

    Totally Agree, imagine your A330 goes tech in Orlando or Jamaica etc.....the cost to send a replacement aircraft (in the worst case) and the hotel cost for all the pax…...and the time it would take to arrange and get that replacement aircraft out there (if we even had a standy A330...Doubt...
  10. Channex74

    Don't expect Jet2 to get into Long Haul, this question has been asked of management many times, they are just not interested in it.
  11. Channex74

    Took the Wasps Rugby Team out
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