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  1. thunderchild

    Random Stuff!

    MC Hammer - U Can’t Touch This
  2. thunderchild

    Binge Worthy Box Sets

    You can usually find the box sets going for a few £££ in charity’s shops.....well worth it, the earlier series look a little dated now but they will have you hooked.
  3. thunderchild

    Binge Worthy Box Sets

    Old school but for those who have never seen it - 24; completely addictive.
  4. thunderchild

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    Looks like Aurigny are using the old Eurohub, perhaps Blue Islands, Loganair and Eastern will follow suit. Probably makes sense for EasyJet and Aer Lingus to move over as well.
  5. thunderchild

    Route Development & Rumours

    So EasyJet finally launch a new route only for the entire country to go into total lockdown! #couldonlyhappentoBHX
  6. thunderchild


    Jet2 are starting Preveza from BHX this summer too!
  7. thunderchild


    Does Lufthansa accounting for 6% include the whole group - Swiss, Austrian, Brussels etc?
  8. thunderchild

    Route Development & Rumours

    At least this has all made Greta happy!
  9. thunderchild


    Or shift Ryanair to Terminal 1 anyway, knock the whole thing down and build a new LCC pier.
  10. thunderchild

    Lost Routes

    I also recall Ryanair blaming lack of space at BHX as a reason for not expanding....well they’ve got a whole terminal to themselves now but I doubt we’ll see anything. Pretty sure they’ll find a few aircraft to fill Terminal 3 at MAN though!
  11. thunderchild

    Route Development & Rumours

    I’ve read a lot of speculation over who gets the Flybe slots at LHR but I was wondering how many slots have been freed up at CDG and AMS now?
  12. thunderchild


    Awful for the Flybe staff, can’t have been easy with all the increasing uncertainty. Hopefully they’ll be able to find new employment quickly. Sad times, I’ve never known BHX not to have flights to Scotland. The old Eurohub will be like a ghost town.
  13. thunderchild


    Yes but for how long?
  14. thunderchild

    Air India

    At least it’s Virgin starting Delhi. With Air India opening STN I wouldn’t have been at all surprised to see MAG trying to lure them up the M6 too.
  15. thunderchild


    The rate at which BHX is bleeding airlines and routes there won’t be any profits to be had and it’s certainly nothing to do with passenger numbers as to why Iberia are pulling out. How the management think BHX can pick up the slack from no third runway at LHR is quite honestly baffling.
  16. thunderchild


    We were out for dinner the other night at a little Italian in Lichfield, the owners are from Naples and the restaurant was full of Italians! Maybe there is method in the madness after all!
  17. thunderchild

    Turkish Airlines

    And two 738s if we include the new Antalya flights!
  18. thunderchild

    Turkish Airlines

    Something is wrong somewhere, Wiki states that the 739s have 151 and the A321s 178/188 depending on the configuration. I don’t think TK would bother upgrading one flight just to add three more seats.
  19. thunderchild

    Boeing Industries

    Love those folding wingtips! Great looking bird, unlike that monstrosity that is the A350!
  20. thunderchild

    Flying from Brum? Tell us where you're going

    Whereabouts in the US? I can’t speak for the pre-clearance at DUB but going via AMS is seamless. It’s just the immigration que when you get there but you’d have that with Virgin anyway.
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