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    Random Stuff!!

    Said it with tongue firmly in cheek jerry
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    Random Stuff!!

    Lol you couldn't write it! Maybe the powers that be might consider some type of relief road?!
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    Infrastructure Developments

    I feel the whole arrivals procedure needs a revamp, ie the whole climb up the stairs, turn the corner and go back down, there were lots of grumbling from the elderly and young families when we last used the airport in Sept
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    Random Stuff!!

    Haven't been on waf for quite a while, was a good source of info for a while before it seemed to just turn into a slanging match
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    Qatar Airways

    Was there 2 Qatar dreamliner's on the ground at the same time?
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    Thanks for that Jerry, was waiting for pmi for next May
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    Cardiff Airport - General Thread

    Thanks for clearing that up jerry
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    Cardiff Airport - General Thread

    Wasn't there also a proposal to replace Cardiff with a new airport on the Llanwern steelworks site? Or was that the same project?
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    Ah ok cheers jerry
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    Don't know if I've missed it but is next year's pmi schedule out yet, only ask as we're looking to book late May early June, not sure when they're typically available to book?
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    Random Stuff!!

    Maybe the commission will come up with the idea of tolling the Severn bridges to reduce congestion :)
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    Random Stuff!!

    They should set up a commission to look into it, then announce they've delayed the findings then ignore the findings, blame brexit and set up a new commission!!!
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    BH Air/Balkan Holidays

    my first ever flight as a youngster was on BAC 111,
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    TUi Airlines UK

    Looks like the ASL airframe is staying for a while, just got an email confirming we're on it in September!
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    Thomas Cook

    Do we know if it has a tcx livery or just a neutral white tail?
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    Cardiff Airport Photo Thread

    All of which we look forward to jerry!!
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    Cardiff Airport Photo Thread

    How's Xmas been jerry in the state's mate?
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    Potential Routes

    Like no 8 jerry, I spent many an early evening with the kids atop the terminal on the old feeding them pop & crisps!
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    Sound like a great trip! Hope you have a good time out in the States!
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    Do they have a base in Belfast?
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