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    Any news on the potential Isle of Man service and a possible start date?
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    CAA Provisional Statistics Update

    Was this the announcement you were expecting?
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    Wizz Air

    Phew, I had a feeling it was too bad to be true. Warsaw and Krakow are both reductions I believe
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    BHX Movements and Heads Up

    Anyone know the purpose of the flight to Quito and why it stopped in BHX?
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    Does anyone know if the Grenoble flight went out empty today because of the closure of French ski resorts last night?
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    Agreed. It's in our interest that airlines are able to profit when they are able to (and clearly people are still flying with them at these prices). We've seen this week what happens when airlines are not able to make money
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    Are the plans off for any new routes other than EDI/GLA this summer then?
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    TUI Airways UK

    What aircraft?
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    The airport's seemingly less ambitious future passenger projections looking more reasonable now?
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    Where his argument really falls down is that the train time to Edinburgh is the same whether you travel from Birmingham or London. So is he saying there should be no flights from London to Edinburgh too?
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    Great stuff. Is the news that IanF has been teasing us with or are we possibly expecting more news this week?
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    It's hard to see them dropping LCY for BHX
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    But we haven't got Lisbon? Or have you just dropped a clanger?
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    VLM Airlines

    Any idea when this takes place? Would try checking myself but awful internet at the moment
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    VLM Airlines

    Or good commitment for being one of the first airports they return to!
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    Route Development & Rumours

    I think that probably goes without saying haha!
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    Primera Air

    And no competition on athens
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    Primera Air

    When do the flights start? Are they replacing a destination on a seasonal basis?
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    Route Development & Rumours

    My guess would be icelandair
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