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  1. Aviador

    How concerned are you about the Coronavirus?

    Which is essentially why everyone who is healthy has the jab to help protect vulnerable people such as yourself. I'm currently queuing to have my first jabs. I've had the virus, but having more immunity will help protect less fortunate members of my family and friends.
  2. Aviador

    Car owner? What car do you drive?

    We have an imaginative bunch of folk around where I live. I took this picture at a local retail park some years back. More recently, we've had a turfed car parked up nearby. @JENNYJET I failed my first test. The examiner said the same, you're not using your mirrors properly. I was, he just...
  3. Aviador

    Boeing 737MAX New Problems

    Personally I won't be choosing to fly on one anytime soon, with or without the pandemic but I imagine any further problems will be ironed out.
  4. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    Barry Wheatpeas AKA Extinction Rebellion, GALBA or whoever he works for, trolls the Internet to push his agenda and propaganda for the anti airport brigade. I do believe Barry Wheatpeas is just one of many alter egos he poses as depending on the media source he uses.
  5. Aviador

    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    What are you, the chief troll. At least we are local, and therefore more representative of the readership of the Wharfedale Observer.
  6. Aviador

    What services you are using?

    Staying loyal to both Jet2 and LBA, holiday cancelled for later this month to Tenerife has been rebooked for next summer.
  7. Aviador

    TUI Airways UK

    Thank you @KARFA and for the benefit of others here, there are of course many different types of solicitors such as probate; family law; crime; conveyancing and each will specialise in their own chosen field often with little knowledge outside their own specialised area. Although we are going...
  8. Aviador

    TUI Airways UK

    @KARFA perhaps if you specialise in this field you could or should elaborate further?
  9. Aviador

    The effect of Covid-19 on UK aviation

    No not a missed opportunity. A good business decision by Jet2. The article says TUI will only stop flying to countries on the RED list. For customers at least, this isn't good because it means they will still insist on flying you to AMBER countries where you will be required to quarantine on...
  10. Aviador

    Information Re: Forum layout feedback...

    I wasn't a case of I thought there was a problem @JENNYJET more a case of making sure we haven't missed anything. Different browsers and different devices can create a different experience.
  11. Aviador

    Worldwide Airport - General Discussions

    Nice trip report @cbeboy
  12. Aviador

    Information Re: Forum layout feedback...

    I've started to use smaller images on the homepage so that should gradually become quicker to load once the higher file sizes move off the homepage.
  13. Aviador

    Information Re: Forum layout feedback...

    How is everyone finding the new homepage layout, clean, fresh or does it lack something? Do you view the forum mostly on a mobile phone? If so, are you finding the forum accessible enough? We have a low interaction rate on the forum at the moment. It's likely because of the ongoing uncertainty...
  14. Aviador

    Southampton Airport welcomes approval of planning application

    Southampton Airport welcomes approval of planning application Responding to the positive decision from Eastleigh Borough Council to approve the planning application for the extension of Southampton Airport’s runway, Operations Director, Steve Szalay, said: “This is the news we have been hoping...
  15. Aviador

    EuRiga! New route to Latvian capital from Edinburgh

    EuRiga! New route to Latvian capital announced airBaltic will make its arrival at Edinburgh Airport this summer with flights between the capital cities of Scotland and Latvia from June. It’s the Latvian airline’s first route from Edinburgh and it will operate two flights per week between to...
  16. Aviador

    Heathrow's Traffic Figures - March 2021

    Heathrow's Traffic Figures - March 2021 Heathrow's passenger numbers fell by 82.6% YoY in March. Heathrow’s cargo volumes are down 25.7% on an annual basis. However, cargo movements have increased by 21.4% compared with March 2020. Traffic Summary March...
  17. Aviador

    Charter flights / Package Holidays

    What was it doing?
  18. Aviador

    Technology Could Further Strengthen Malta’s Appeal As A Safe Destination

    Technology Could Further Strengthen Malta’s Appeal As A Safe Destination March passenger traffic through MIA down 93% over 2019 Recent local developments bode well for the second half of 2021 Technology would contribute to boosting consumer confidence, which is crucial for the successful...
  19. Aviador

    TUI Airways UK

    ...when the terminals built. :ROFLMAO:
  20. Aviador

    And the alcohol for tonight is....?

    Probably my favourite Whisky.
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