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  1. Scottie Dog

    UK-wide airport statistics - all UK airports

    I thought, whilst it was quiet, that I would create a thread showing the general wellbeing of the UK airports - this is not specific to any one airport and therefore does not warrant being repeated on each and every airport's own thread. Please let me know your thoughts and whether you feel it...
  2. Scottie Dog

    Happy New Year

    As we start the new year I would just like to wish all who read, and post on, the Manchester pages a very Happy New Year. May the next few months, and all those that follow, be of positive cheers and I wish you all the very best in the enjoyment of your hobby.
  3. Scottie Dog

    Duplicate email addresses - a question

    Hope fully somebody will be able to help me on this topic? I have noted that when typing a contact into the address bar of new emails I often get offered more than one address - due to their having had different accounts. The question is how do I delete the old address? I have looked in...
  4. Scottie Dog

    Summer 2021 is around the corner.....

    I've just been looking back at old emails and noticed that ACL released their Pre-season reports for both 2018 and 2019 on 20th November. I wonder if it will be the same date this year and what we might see. Be warned this report will no doubt, as in previous years, contain many routes and...
  5. Scottie Dog

    The effect of Covid-19 on UK aviation

    I thought that those who explore these lesser threads might find this comparison of interest. The spreadsheet includes the top 30 airports - by passenger numbers based on October 2019. Chart 1 shows the top 24 airports at a glance Chart 2 shows the top 14 airports (excluding Heathrow as...
  6. Scottie Dog

    Sun-Air of Scandinavia

    From Airlineroute dated 7th October: Sun-Air of Scandinavia as of Monday (05OCT20) announced revised dates for its planned service resumption, now scheduled as early as November 2020. Billund – Manchester eff 02NOV20 11 weekly
  7. Scottie Dog

    Iran Air

    Iran Air are due to start at Manchester on 13th June with a weekly flight to IKA. Flight IR752 arriving into MAN at 0900 Flight IR753 departing MAN at 1030 Using A330 Credit to alpha5 on Facebook
  8. Scottie Dog

    Moving into winter

    Hopefully, by the time the winter timetables come into effect on 25th October, we will have seen the end of the Corona outbreak and can look forward to the reintroduction of fresh schedules. Today we start with TAP Air Portugal Courtesy of @SPD_travels May 24, 2020 TAP increase Manchester...
  9. Scottie Dog


    From this weeks ACL update Luxair (LG) – New three per week LUX with DHC8-400 (76seats) Mon, Wed and Fri, eff. 04May. Times either 1025/1105z or 1330/1410z, Terminal 3 allocated. Luxair applied for slots recently for S20 and then cancelled them, Flybe operated to LUX so the route would have...
  10. Scottie Dog

    Airfield re-designation

    Airfield re-designation This month Manchester Airport completed its first major airfield re-designation scheme in nearly two decades. To support the shift in its operations, the airport is currently building a dual taxiway system to improve access from its runways to the terminal. The new...
  11. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport Group Interim Financial Reports

    As some might be aware the airport group has today reported its interim results for the six-months ended 30th September 2019. For those interested in the full details there is a link below:
  12. Scottie Dog


    WestJet have plans for a new daily service to Halifax from 1st June 2020 with a B737-MAX8. Timings are 0710/0845z
  13. Scottie Dog

    Are we mad/crazy?

    I know that Mrs Scottie Dog thinks that I should be classified under one of the titles above as she can not understand how I can, or even want to, spend time each and every night updating spreadsheets, for statistics, and aviation threads. So my question is simple - what does your other-half...
  14. Scottie Dog

    Dual runway operating hours

    Rather than getting the details lost in the NOTAM/OAN thread I have opened a separate thread to cover the seasonal operating hours. This thread will be updated as an when new information becomes available, OAN 112-2019 – RUNWAY 2 WINTER OPERATING HOURS 2019/20 OAN REF:- 112/2019 DATE OF ISSUE:-...
  15. Scottie Dog

    Cold Winter, Mild Summer?

    Historical the third week of November sees the appearance first Summer report from ACL. Obviously, as we are all aware, Thomas Cook are no longer with us and, in S19, they were shown to have 10,097 movements scheduled. Will we make up the 2,441,653 passengers, or an average of 241 seats per...
  16. Scottie Dog

    Virgin Connect

    It has been officially announced that Flybe will be relaunch in 2020 as Virgin Connect
  17. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport Consultative Committee (MACC) - Minutes

    MACC draws its membership from Local Authorities (15 members); Amenity Groups (4 members); passengers and business users, and other groups representing Airport users, including disability representation, airport operations and staff, and independent bodies such as Which? and the National Trust...
  18. Scottie Dog

    Wet summer, but maybe a sunnier winter?

    It is still very early days, but the preliminary report for Winter 2019/2020 has now been published. The following are some snippets that I have seen - remember these are very early days and there will be many changes, cancellations and updates. Alitalia - are once again rumoured to be...
  19. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Skyline

    Rather than clutter the Infrastructure thread I thought we should have a new one to show the remarkable changes that are happening to the Manchester skyline. Updates are courtesy of Skyscrapercity.
  20. Scottie Dog


    Following the withdrawal of Loganair from the Londonderry route it seems that flybmi are looking to take over the route with 6 flights per week (Sunday excluded). Flights are planned to be operated with an EMB145 with mixed times around lunch/early afternoon.
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