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  1. Nethercote2019


    I think EMA has no pax flights atall.... but it has loads of freighters
  2. Nethercote2019

    I’ve just had my May trip to Chania cancelled - i have no problem with that, I would much rather know in advance 1 way or other I will be booking again with Jet2 as I feel confident that they will look after me.
  3. Nethercote2019

    British Airways

    This may be as near to going abroad as we get for a while !
  4. Nethercote2019


    Ahhhhh ...,,
  5. Nethercote2019


    Ryanair?? Bring on Austrian & wizz I say ....
  6. Nethercote2019

    Nostalgia at BHX

    I also remember SSM... with its orange/red trim around the windows, I think the aircraft is now a museum piece
  7. Nethercote2019


    I think it maybe more to do with Jet 2 turning up at Bristol..... ?
  8. Nethercote2019


    Don’t forget have turned up at BRS which may have something to do with easyJet expansion at BHX
  9. Nethercote2019


    Mr Oleary has had the same opportunities as everyone & probably more than most, but not taken up the offer, so good luck to jet2 wizz easy Turkish euro wings etc & here’s hoping for more
  10. Nethercote2019


    well done on the good news.. & even a Nick Barton quote ! ..... will Ryanair respond ?
  11. Nethercote2019

    Route Development & Rumours

    Sky bus twotter to st mary’s ?
  12. Nethercote2019

    Eastern Airways

    Any chance they could fit a Birmingham/Newquay flight or 2 into the schedule?
  13. Nethercote2019

    ACL Birmingham Slot Allocation

    Not sure they have any Dash 8 aircraft anymore
  14. Nethercote2019

    Aer Lingus

    Makes you think why did they not come to BHX for transatlantic ops ?
  15. Nethercote2019

    Corendon Airlines

    Corendon do seem to be expanding in the U.K. are these flights only or are they going to be selling holidays as they do in Holland etc ?
  16. Nethercote2019

    Route Development & Rumours

    I agree unfortunately, It’s not looking good at the moment for international travel ... But lets hope for flights to NQY anyway Also i do remember as a kid we had flights to Bournemouth a couple of times a week a dan air 748 ? I was very intrigued as they often used to unload pax without...
  17. Nethercote2019

    Route Development & Rumours

    I personally would love icelandair to come back... Nors/Norwegian 2 ? What are they going to do differ this time for it to be a success ?
  18. Nethercote2019


    Fantastic news ... & new airline - well done to everyone involved, the start date not being May 17 etc, does this mean they know something we don’t...... yet ?
  19. Nethercote2019

    Wizz Air

    Has the airport marketing dept been taken off furlough?
  20. Nethercote2019

    Wizz Air

    Many cities are like that with higher demand to smaller cities .... ie Germany the Capital Bonn or Berlin is less than Munich etc....
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