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  1. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport Transformation Programme

    That's is, as I've heard it, the earliest date - nothing set in stone.
  2. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport Transformation Programme

    MANTP now not expected to open before 21st June.
  3. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport - General Thread Manchester Airport Group reveals Covid-19 impact as CEO calls for roadmap to restriction-free travel The group includes London Stansted and East Midlands Airport Manchester Airport has...
  4. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport - General Thread

    Manchester Evening News - 15th April A further 138 jobs at risk at Manchester Airport as union members vote on deal to take pay cuts instead Union boss describes 'genuine attempt by the union and airport to safeguard jobs and protect rates of pay as far as possible' (Image: Mirrorpix) Don't...
  5. Scottie Dog

    Carlisle Airport

    From: - 19th April Esken, the Carlisle-based aviation and energy infrastructure group which changed its name from Stobart Group earlier this year, has signed an agreement for the sale of its entire shareholdings in Stobart Air Unlimited Company and Stobart Air, to Ettyl...
  6. Scottie Dog

    Route Development & Rumours

    From today's Routes Online: Tunisian carrier Nouvelair is relaunching scheduled flights from London Gatwick (LGW) and Manchester (MAN) to plug what it believes is a capacity gap left by the demise of Thomas Cook in 2019. Data provided by OAG Schedules Analyser shows that the airline will serve...
  7. Scottie Dog


    From today's Travel Trade Gazette: Johan Lundgren, easyJet chief executive, said progress made since 2020 meant he was optimistic. Speaking at World Aviation Festival Virtual, he said: “We are not at all looking at a summer like last year.” Lundgren said the vaccine roll-out in the UK...
  8. Scottie Dog

    Route Development & Rumours

    From SPD_Travels on Twitter Info | Apparently a new start up called Sentra Airways is aiming to run a 6 weekly Manchester-Accra flight. Website gives little away and no way will it start on May 1st, but it is registered in companies house
  9. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport - General Thread

    The unknown, and often discussed elsewhere, is what happens if T1 is demolished. Would planning permission be required for a new-build on an existing site?
  10. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport Consultative Committee (MACC) - Minutes

    The next meeting if the MACC is this Friday 23rd May at 10am. The meeting is online via Microsoft Teams. If anybody would like to attend, strictly as an observer with no input permitted, please send me a PM, by midnight Wednesday 21st, and I'll try to get you an invite to the link.
  11. Scottie Dog

    How concerned are you about the Coronavirus?

    If it helps I have had both doses of Pfizer and, on both occasions had no side effects - apart from a slightly bruised feeling in my arm.
  12. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Airport Nostalgia

    Thank you David for revitalising my memory cells!! Air Furness and Air Wales certainly come to mind and I suspect that if you went back far enough you could also include also include Morton Air Services, who I seem to recall served Sandown on the Isle of Wight and also Mercury Airways although I...
  13. Scottie Dog

    Balkan Holidays

    Healthy debate is good, but please try to keep to the subject matter of the thread in question. If necessary I'll have to start moving all these Covid for/against posts to the Covid sub-forum. Thank you.
  14. Scottie Dog

    Information Re: Forum layout feedback...

    Layout also looks good to me, although as I'm using a mobile at present I don't get the benefit of the full home screen - in fact it seems to take longer to load.
  15. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Movement Logs & Heads Up

    Just to say that I've decided to take a break for 10days or so, which will mean no daily logs - unless somebody else would like to step in.
  16. Scottie Dog

    The Official Tribute Thread

    So very sad. He's been there, beside our Queen, for all of my life. God bless and "Long Reign The Queen".
  17. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Movement Logs & Heads Up

    Extra movement - Wednesday 7th April Arrival YU631 B763 (CS-TKS) ISB/MAN *** Euroatlantic ops PK9709 for PIA*** Scheduled movements - Thursday 8th April Arrivals ET728 B788 (ET-ASG) ADD/BRU/MAN PK9701 A339 (9H-SZN) ISB/MAN ***Hi Fly ops for PIA*** TK1993 A21N (TC-LSZ) IST/MAN LH2500 CRJ9...
  18. Scottie Dog

    Manchester Movement Logs & Heads Up

    Scheduled Movements - Thursday 7th April Arrivals VS363 A35K (G-VJAM) ISB/MAN FI1041 B763 (TF-ISO) ISB/MAN ***Icelandair ops for PIA*** Photo courtesy of Liam McManus FR552 B738 (EI-EBF) DUB/MAN TK1993 A21N (TC-LSE IST/MAN LH2500 CRJ9 (D-ACKH) MUC/MAN BA1386 A21N (G-NEOP) LHR/MAN AF1668 A319...
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