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  1. elmdon74

    Weekend cargo hub operations

    Another lockdown project as I was interested to see the amount of aircraft that are on the ground during the weekend at the 4 major European mainland cargo hubs.Also helps me in planning any future trips to see the maximum amount of those elusive night freighters without having to stay up all...
  2. elmdon74

    NOSTALGIA Edinburgh,Glasgow and Prestwick May 1976

    On 12th May 1976 Bayern Munich played St. Etienne at Hampden Park in the European Cup Final. With thanks to Julian Griffiths -Jones who kindly sent me copies of Scottish Aviation News magazines from 1976 I have made a time order log of the above event for EDI,GLA and PIK Airports.What would we...
  3. elmdon74

    Answered Editing Added Media

    Is it possible to amend media titles once added? Have just uploaded some pictures to the Birmingham media but it uploaded them before I had a chance to add title details to each one.Thanks,Simon.
  4. elmdon74

    Palma Majorca day trip 11th October

    Having managed to get a day return to Palma from Birmingham last September for £65 with Monarch just before they went bust I decided to see if it was still possible this year.I have not flown abroad this year since January due to surgery and a long recovery so was looking forward to a...
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