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    Infrastructure, Construction & Developments

    Great news, well done and thanks to all involved! Made my year in these horrible times
  2. Airplane

    Road, Rail & Access Issues Back to trams again!!
  3. Airplane

    New Flybe

    Is this new airline under the Flybe name or a new name?
  4. Airplane

    ITV's "Yorkshire Airport".....?

    Yorkshire Airport: Anyone know why jet2 are the only airline to have there name blocked/blurred out on everything on tonight’s documentary?
  5. Airplane

    New Arrivals Terminal For LBA

    Here is the link for the exhibition boards...
  6. Airplane

    Airport Experience (Questions & Reviews)

    Flew out of LBA today to Murcia SAN Javier (last time flying there as it moves by my next flight). No bags to check as hang luggage only but the queue at security was small and moved fast. Went straight through the packed terminal to the lounges. First time in the White Rose Suite and it was...
  7. Airplane

    TUI Airways UK

    It is currently on finals landing at gatwick
  8. Airplane


    Is this is for Ryanair's winter 2017/18 program or is there more to come.
  9. Airplane


    How many routes do Flybe now operate from Doncaster
  10. Airplane

    Airport Consultative Committee [Questions & Responses]

    I'd suggest either a monorail or the 4 person driverless cabins that use at Heathrow parking which are instant so no wait time involved
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    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    Where would the parkway station be located and how far from the airport.
  12. Airplane

    Visitors & Personalities Passing Through LBA

    Last time I flew out of LBA I saw Stuart Lancaster and one of the girls of the t.v show 'hunted'
  13. Airplane

    Leeds Bradford - General Thread

    Good news !!
  14. Airplane

    Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations

    Just wondered where will LBA put these extra aircrafts with the LBA ramp being full and all.
  15. Airplane


    When I returned from Dublin last week we had an announcement onboard to say be had to wait for a bus. And that all flights from the Republic of Ireland have to be bussed to the terminal no matter how close they are parked which no one onbored understood.
  16. Airplane

    Route Development

    Add me to the list lbaspotter please
  17. Airplane

    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    They could use the Heathrow idea of driverless pods.
  18. Airplane

    Road, Rail & Access Issues

    They could use the Heathrow idea of driverless pods.
  19. Airplane


    Where would the proposed apron extension take place?
  20. Airplane

    Thomas Cook

    Leeds Bradford Airport Twitter also mentioned that Thomas Cook Airlines flights are now on sale and it had a link so I could believe this rumour.
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