1. Aviador

    Heathrow marks landmark 75th Anniversary with nostalgic archive collection

    Heathrow marks landmark 75th Anniversary with nostalgic archive collection New “Heathrow Historians” will share their personal take on the airport’s history in a virtual museum launched today Stories featured give a unique insight into 75 years of operations at the airport including...
  2. 3

    Heathrow Airport Nostalgia

    Hi. We are trying to identify a filming location used in the TV series 'The Professionals' back in 1979. We are told it was Heathrow but wondered if anyone recognises it from these screengrabs, and if so, which part of the airport it was? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you............
  3. Aviador

    City of Leeds Nostalgia - Thread

    I was trolling through some old Photobucket pictures and found these which gave me an idea for a new thread. The nostalgia threads in the airport forums work well so I thought maybe it's worth a go here too. This is known as Granary Wharfe and it was taken at Leeds City Station back in about...
  4. Aviador

    Favourite callsigns....?

    Inspired by a post in the BHX forum, what are your favourite callsigns. This could be one that's been used in the past, or of the present time. Kestrel of the former Airtours International back in the 90's is one of my favourites on the airwaves. #avgeek #callsigns
  5. White Heather

    Aviation Nostalgia Thread

    Me too, in fact I bought a Wooster model of one of their 757's which I still have. I suppose it might be quite sought after amongst collectors now, given that the airline ceased operating around 20 years ago. I could see the airport apron from my house at that time, and can vividly remember...
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