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  1. Aviador

    Additional flights added between Cardiff , Newcastle and Aberdeen

    Cardiff Sunday flights added to Newcastle and Aberdeen Flybe is introducing Sunday flights operated by its franchise partner, Eastern Airways, to both its Cardiff to Newcastle and Aberdeen air services. Following the re-introduction of the Cardiff – Aberdeen link this month, the operator will...
  2. Aviador

    Loganair celebrate 25,000 passengers at Newcastle Airport

    Loganair celebrate 25,000 passengers at Newcastle Airport Loganair have welcomed their 25,000th passenger since starting operations from Newcastle International Airport. Lucky passenger Freek Vancraynest was surprised by airport staff as he checked in ahead of his flight to Brussels, Belgium...
  3. Aviador

    Rail service advertisements

    I don't get how Virgin Trains can get away with advertising Leeds to London rail fares for £22 when they have just handed the East Coast Mainline contract back to the government.
  4. Aviador

    Wikipage Manchester Airport

    Manchester Airport Wiki Page. *Anyone who is registered and Logged on can edit this page. Please do not abuse this page or it could face removal* Based Airlines, or airlines with a large presence at Manchester: British Airways: 12 routes: Alicante, Billund, Chambery, Gothenburg, Ibiza...
  5. Aviador

    Eastern Airways

    Now Eastern Airways are partnering with Flybe does anybody think we will see more routes from Humberside Airport, the home of Eastern Airways?
  6. Aviador

    Air Traffic Control & Navigational Aids

    Humberside airport has a job vacancy for an Air Traffic Controller. The application closing date is the 27 October (2017) More details can be found here... http://www.humbersideairport.com/news/job-vacancy-air-traffic-controller-(1)/
  7. Aviador

    Route Development & Rumours

    Kiss Flights has announced that it will be offering 12 summer routes to Mediterranean destinations starting in April. Some of the areas that people will be able to fly to include Spain, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Portugal. A spokesman for the company said that the flights will be operated on...
  8. Aviador

    Route Development

    Excellent news for Southend airport which seems to be going from strength to strength. #cityjetexpansion #Southend
  9. TheLocalYokel


    An article today in a Welsh newspaper discusses the future of CWL and makes the comment that, of course, the airport is always talking to airlines but is focusing on getting Jet2 as it feels the CWL market would not displace any of Jet2's existing passengers. See this link for the report...
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