Yes O remember buying some milk there on the way out from departures after a holiday. It was very handy. My guessing this one though will be airside to keep ssp happier?
The airport is already open 24 hours day 7 days a week. You might be surprised that the are lots of staff employed working airside on the airfield or in the terminal at all hours.

Also don't forget we have lot flights arriving into the early hours from end of next month, and passengers checking from 3am onwards for the early moring departures.
The new Greggs opening is advertised as open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Can't see it being open 24 hours a day even if the airport does get the hour and a half extension on flying hours.
Would it remain open for airport staff?
Anyway the closing date for roles is the beginning of April so looks like its opening then.

Of course it can! Gregg's also does breakfasts remember and not forgetting that the Cafe that was situated in the arrivals area is meant to be going now to make more room, so it will have a decent number of customers meeting and greeting flights.
I know I have used the one at terminal 2 Manchester for breakfast. The point is how will it being running 24 hours a day?
There won't be flights 24 hours a day?
Does every facility for the public remain open late evening? That's every food and retail outlet.

Like I said before The airport keeps running 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

From April to November we have flights arriving into LBA up to 4am and passengers checking-in at 3am for early moring departures. Then you have people waiting to pick up. eg taxi drivers and family members lingering around terminal, plus all the airport employees who work on the site at all hours of the day.

I don't see the problem, that's plenty of people to go around.
How does that figure? A major international airport like Manchester and both its Greggs opening hours are 5 in the morning till 11 at night Monday to Friday and 6am till 11pm Saturday and Sunday.

Well Greggs will have done there market research and business planning which means the new LBA unit will be open 24/7.
I guess there isn't at MAN! Otherwise i'm sure they would be open 24/7 too.
So give it six month there will be over weight night teams and taxi drivers who will have gorged themselves silly on steak bakes and doughnuts.

No, Not really as not everything you can eat / purchase from Greggs is unhealthy now-a-days. Also everyone has the right to choose what they would like to eat even if that's eating a cheap Greggs sarnie, or pastie every day!

For a tight Yorkshire-man Gregg's is cheap, cheerful & fills a void. Also means I keep more money in me pocket to spend elsewhere.
Last edited:
There will be sufficient custom to stay open 24H. Between 2300 and 0300 there is already has around 1000 passengers arriving back into LBA most nights. By 0400 check in is in full swing and with numerous passengers arriving for later flights. Security staff, check in staff, baggage handlers air traffic controllers. Taxi drivers and so on. Let's not forget, you dont have to be buying a butty, they sell coffee and tea too.
That's because Manchester will have numerous other outlets open and there won't be enough business for them all.

Cafe Ritazza will be gone from landside, Gregg's will be the only place to get a drink. Ritazza was open 24/7 previously.
If Ritazza is departing landside I would expect it will likely be in the Gregg's service agreement with the airport to operate 24H. Travelex has a similar agreement with the airport. It makes sense, they will be the only things open in the terminal.
I.m pleased Leeds Bradford is getting its Greggs back as I felt it was removed by the previous owners of the airport under
some form of snobbery stating they were wanting to attract more high end catering. Plus there was talk that SSP were bemoaning it was taking some of their trade.

I believe it was removed based on the fact Greggs were attracting quite a bit of revenue as they were offering high street prices and not through the roof airport prices. This then meant that units airside would not make as much money.

They moaned. And then the airport figured that they could make more revenue by removing Greggs forcing people to go through the airside units therefore paying more and then more into the airport pocket as i believe the agreement is done by % of revenue for the agreement over rent a month.

I hope that they don't force Greggs to charge airport prices at LBA. As pointed out there is a number of people who will happily use this that are not passengers - Airport Staff, Bus Drivers/Taxi Drivers, Jet2's staff from HQ and anyone associated with this, Jet2 in the airport themselves, Friends/Family members dropping and picking passengers off. The list is endless.
Is it known whether the new Greggs will have a 'sit down' café in the new outlet thereby replacing to some degree the Ritazza café. I passed through a small town in the South pf Scotland recently and noticed that the Greggs shop, which had a very small 'cafe' only 3 or 4 tables had now moved into a much bigger place with a large thriving Café with the tables all along the front windows. Looked busy and appealing.
Due to the so called pastie tax introduced by David Cameron's Government in 2016, Gregg's actually charge you more to sit inside there cafes/restaurants to eat you hot pastie or drink your coffee.
So it's cheaper to take-away your purchased food/drinks.

The pasty tax from 2012 has nothing to do with eating in. For many years VAT on cold food and drink items has been zero rated if taken away but charged at the standard rate if eating in - Pret is a very well know example where you get charged VAT if you stay in but no VAT if you take the same items away. This has been the position for well over 15 years.

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