Since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, there have been quite a number of industrial charters. Speculation is that if the numbers are large, they are for agricultural workers. Lower numbers are thought to relate to ships' crew changes.

C.A.A. reported figures are as follows:-

A Coruna 33
Constanta 27

Valencia 33
Constanta 72

Santander 18
Constanta 46
Kiev 93

St. Petersburg 171

It has been reported that coaches have been seen meeting the busier flights.
The January 2021 C.A.A. passenger statistics for fixed-wing industrial charters are as follows:-

Billund 47 (related to personnel working on offshore wind farm development).

Ostend 93 (probably agricultural workers connecting with a St. Petersburg charter flight which was operating from there).
The February 2021 C.A.A. passenger statistics for fixed-wing industrial charters are as follows:-

Billund 12
Amsterdam 26

Oil Rigs recorded a 9% increase compared with February last year.

Apart from that, the numbers continued to be dire. It is worth noting that, for the first time since the airport opened in 1974, the monthly passenger total exceeded that for East Midlands (by a factor of five).
The March 2021 C.A.A. passenger statistics for fixed -wing industrial charters are :-

Billund 176 (nine flights operated by Sun Air of Scandinavia using a Dornier 328 Jet).

Aberdeen/Teesside still subdued at 479 (down 39% on March 2020's already depressed figure).

Again no Amsterdam (hence the Billund charters for wind-farm engineers) ; the latest revised re-start date being the end of May.

Oil Rigs up 55% at 887 as a result of increased work on the Hornsea wind farm projects.
Several jobs were advertised at Humberside yesterday, probably due to an expected return of KLM to a more normal schedule. However, can’t help thinking that they are maybe anticipating a change in fortunes following the news that DSA may/will close. Certainly they will be expecting applications from those whose future at DSA is looking uncertain.

Hoping TUI may look at bringing some flight back to HUY like the old days.
I wonder how popular Humberside Airport was prior to the Humber Bridge opening. There was a ferry to Barton upon Humber, you can still catch a train to there, but I think the ferry stopped when the bridge opened. You would think the bridge would have boosted Humberside's attractiveness to people living on the north side of the Humber.

I was recently talking to two friends from Beverly who said HUY would be their airport of choice given the chance.
I think that the problem is that there is b..... all going from there. For that reason we have only used it once, quite a few years ago, when someone or other had a flight going to Faro. Too long ago for me to remember who it was I'm afraid but it was a foreign chartered aircraft and crew. Very good though from memory.
2XCel will be moving too Humberside.
This is excellent news, clearly 2Excel didn’t want this to happen (notice they are maintaining their presence at the DSA site regardless), however it should provide some much needed revenue to Humberside. Every little helps, now just to reclaim those lost holiday routes..
Announcement to be made tomorrow via Humberside Airport Travel, they’re taking guesses as to what it might be on their Facebook page. My guess is perhaps some much needed expansion by TUI following the demise of DSA.
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Ended up being their Iceland flights, not the ‘big announcement’ I had anticipated. I think they’ve been a bit mischievous as they had attracted a surprisingly large number of comments on their Facebook page.
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The always on the pulse East Riding councillors are looking to promote Humberside Airport following the demise of DSA. How it’s taken them this long to realise that Humberside is a local airport is beyond me. They drank the kool aid too it would seem.

Things not going well at all at HUY. Price increases by Swissport due to lack of trade and now this.

What are they doing there? Could we lose two passenger handling airports in the region?
Seems like a death wish.
I read the link in the article too- I didnt know the Esbjerg service had been canned. Presumably a big flop otherwise I assume they would have continued with a Jetstream.

Looks like further action likely.. Interesting to see that they mention the lack of apparent ambition to capitalise on the closure of DSA as one of their reasons. In fact, I don’t believe pay is their priority, they clearly fear for the future of the airport so if anything this will provide some impetus to at least discuss the matter more openly.

Feels like they may be hammering a nail into their own coffin here, particularly with Ros Jones throwing the Kitchen Sink at DSA to get it reopened.

Can sympathise with their sentiments, but it must be a tough operation to maintain given the lack of any growth in the passenger sector.

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