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Frankfurt Flughafen (FRA)


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Jan 12, 2009
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If anybody is planning a spotting trip to Frankfurt, Vietnam Airlines are to operate their new A350 aircraft every morning until March.

The picture is one of the airlines Boeing 777's taken at the airport by our very own Seasider man.
Vietnam 777 by Seasider, hosted on Forums4airports.com
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Jan 16, 2009
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As promised (to Aviador), I have now catalogued my photos from my trip to FRA at the beginning of June. There are some great photo places around the airport in addition to the terrace in the Terminal (faces south). For the last 2 visits I have used the designated area known as Zeppelinheim which can be reached via the local rail station and a 10 min walk. The aircraft land on 25L and 25C right in front, 25R is a little further away but the aircraft taxi in the front of you on the way to the southern runway, "stopover" aircraft use the same taxiway to the long time parking stands.
This viewing area is only about 200m from the memorial to the Berlin Airlift which has a C-47 and C-54 displayed.

Gulf Air A320.jpg
Air Dolomiti EMB190.jpg
Chins Sth Cargo B777F.jpg
Bulgarian Air Charter MD83.jpg
Etihad B789.jpg
Montenegro Airlines B735.jpg
TUI B738.jpg
Vietnam AL A350.jpg
World Club A340.jpg

China AL B777.jpg

I hope you enjoy and if you an airline photographer, I can highly recommend a trip to FRA.

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Mar 23, 2011
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Just out of interest Seasider, did you go to the other runway that is used for arrivals over the other side. Ive seen alot of videos where spotters take alot of photos/video from this runway rather than the side your photos were taken ?


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Jan 16, 2009
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No. That is runway 25R (videos I've seen) which is north of the terminal and about 1 mile further west. I was staying in Frankfurt centre and it was easier to get to Zeppelinheim, plus it had the advantage of aircraft taxiing past you.
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