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Dec 19, 2016
BOH - I suggested not so much to compete with LGW, but just to get some of the South East market. Probably a BFS/NCL sized base. Jet2 is an unknown brand in the SE, and even those that know the name don't know what they're like to fly with.

The airport has ILS on both runways including CAT3A on one end. It doesn't have a parallel taxiway in the "normal" sense, but aircraft can taxi in and out without getting in each others way. Night closure from 9:30L is probably the biggest barrier, but given some thought as to the scheduling could work - i.e. an aircraft couldn't do 2 long flights per day, but 1 long and 1 short/medium could work. E.g. TFS and DLM wouldn't work, but TFS & ALC and PMI & DLM would.

LPL - that may be a large part of their market, but they also serve the typical routes Jet2 does. Every passenger that flies to Spain/Greece/Turkey from LPL with easyJet is a passenger Jet2 could have.

My point about MAN wasn't so much about capacity but what markets are left open to Jet2? Besides Morocco, Egypt and maybe Cape Verde, which even serving all 3 would only use 1 or 2 aircraft, what new destinations are there? Besides being Airbus instead of Boeing, what will the Jet2 MAN base look like in 10 years time?

I can tell you LPL and Jet2 talk often , however what Jet2 want is not viable, and LPL would not want to put established operators at an unfair disadvantage.


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Aug 29, 2013
So Christmas is over, the summer holiday adverts have started and I’m already sick to the back to teeth of Jess Glynne screeching hold my bloody hand! Can Jet2 please come up with a new marketing campaign?!


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Aug 21, 2015
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I think whilst Jet2 continue to go from strength to strength nothing much will change. Equally annoying or tacky adverts can be just as effective as catchy/good adverts because they still stand out. As is being proven by the fact we are discussing this!


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Sep 29, 2016
Cape Verde would be an interesting one.

The block times are so long that a there and back is all the aircraft could so in a day, so basically would require a dedicated aircraft on the days it operates.

The other factor is whether the 737NGs have the range for it. Although TUI have on occasion used the NG, they predominantly use the 737MAX, 767 or 787. My guess is Cape Verde would only be served by bases that either have A330s or A321NEOs based.


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May 7, 2011
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Which let’s face it will be most U.K. bases and probs BFS.

And given how modest Jet2 grow destinations, the fact that this will mostly be winter destination from majority of bases, I would say the 21NEO will easily do it.

However as you pointed out the NG needs also to be used and I can see Egypt before Cape Verde. Given the fact the NG can easily do Egypt from most bases. The NEO is for capacity.

Interesting times ahead ….
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