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Malta Airport sets 2013 passenger record Malta International Airport, one of Europe’s fastest growing airports, hits 4 million passenger mark in 2013.

Malta International Airport today reached another milestone in its history, hosting four million passengers in one year for the first time. The figure is equivalent to 10 times the population of Malta or almost half of London's population passing through the airport in one year.

Passenger traffic increased by 10% over last year, making Malta's airport the fastest-growing European airport in its class.*

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I remember when Luqa airport was just a couple of old hangars (WW2 i think) no aircon or any comforts, and then they built the terminal building. I used to go to school in Malta so used the airport and Air Malta a lot back in the 80's.. Great times... Went back there to get married,, 10 years ago this year..


I remember when Luqa airport was just a couple of old hangars (WW2 i think) no aircon or any comforts, and then they built the terminal building. I used to go to school in Malta so used the airport and Air Malta a lot back in the 80's.. Great times... Went back there to get married,, 10 years ago this year..
We love Malta, and we went their 7 years ago for our honeymoon and stayed in the Fortina Spa Resort in Sleima.
Hello Aviador
I know the Fortina, basically spent all my time in Sliema, well between there and St Julians's..
I really did not recognise the place when i returned, it had changed so much, sadly it seemed to have lost so much of it's charm and authenticity.. easyjet and ryanair seen to that...
The old Air Malta fleet was great though, rattly old boeing 720b's , early 737's, then newer aircraft...
Must go back again, my kids have never seen where daddy grew up..
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Malta IAP welcomed 415,409 passengers last April, marking a 5.7% growth over the previous year and kick starting the busy, summer months ahead. This figure is comparable to the passenger numbers registered in the August peak of 2011 (427,575 passengers), just five years ago.

Apri'’s growth partially resulted from the launch of the airport's summer schedule, which features new routes, new airlines, and an increased flight frequency to a number of destinations. In fact this contributed to a seat capacity growth of 3.8%.

The top five traffic drivers for April remained largely unchanged from the previous months, with the United Kingdom holding on to its top spot, followed by Italy, Germany, and France.

The only exception was Poland, which placed fifth in the airport's top markets list. Poland’s 27.3% growth over the previous year stemmed from the introduction of the new Poznan route towards the end of March and an increased flight frequency to Gdansk.

A look back at the first four months of 2016 shows a record number of passenger movements at Malta IAP with over 1.2 million guests having passed through, up by 12% compared to 2015. (Source:, 3-May-2016)
Brum X is that your footage as I was just wondering if there are many spotters out there?

The last time I was in Malta I was surprised to see Emirates.
Malta International Airport welcomes over 700,000 Passengers for Third Consecutive Month
Malta Airport.jpg
  • September traffic grows by 12.8 per cent to reach 706,814 passenger movements
  • More than 27,000 passenger movements recorded on the month’s busiest day
  • September closes off third quarter with more than 2.2 million passenger movements
With 706,814 passenger movements recorded, September was yet another busy month in what is proving to be a record-setting summer for Malta International Airport. September was, in fact, the third consecutive month during which more than 700,000 passengers were welcomed by the airport team.

September’s traffic brought peak holiday season to a close with more than 2.2 million passenger movements, making this three-month stretch the best quarter in the airport’s history.

Translating into an upturn of 12.8 per cent over 2017, much of September’s traffic growth can be attributed to an increase in aircraft movements (+12.5 per cent) and seat capacity (+14.1 per cent) which stemmed from an enhanced summer flight schedule. September’s seat load factor (SLF), which measures the success rate of airlines in filling up available seats, stood at 85.7 per cent.

The United Kingdom continued to top the list of Malta International Airport’s top markets, followed by Italy, Germany, France and Spain. While four of these markets experienced double-digit growth, traffic from Germany dropped 7.2 per cent, following the introduction of a reduced schedule by TUI cruises.

While Rome Fiumicino topped the list of most popular airports in July and August, last month it was knocked off the top spot by London Gatwick’s 40,763 passenger movements.

Total Traffic
706,814 passenger movements
Top Market United Kingdom (174,410 passenger movements)
Most Popular Airport London Gatwick (40,763 passenger movements)
Aircraft Movements 4,766 take-offs and landings
Busiest Day 23.09.2018 (27,330 passenger movements)
Seat Capacity 825,170 seats
Fastest-growing Market (from top 5) Spain (+35.3%) Cargo and Mail 1,323 tonnes

Malta Airport
The UK features heavily because of longstanding links with the island of Malta but so far as flights to Malta go, many UK airports only have a small number of flights to the island in comparison with many other Mediterranean destinations. Does Malta have a restrictive number of hotel room accommodation?
A lot of people pick up cruise ships in Malta so will not need hotel accommodation.
We are flying to Malta next June to join a cruise ship that's based there all summer it does a weekly tour and takes over 2500 passengers so that one ship alone wlll account for something like 5000 passenger movements per week at the airport, all passengers are on a UK based fly cruise. There are other ships also based there so I assume they must be a significant part of the airports business.

Looking forwarded to seeing the airport as it seems to get good reviews.
Flying from BHX naturally with either TUI or Thomas Cook P&O can't tell us who yet!
I've been to Malta a couple of times and probably 20 years apart. A new terminal was built in the early 90's just before my first visit to Malta. It's a beautiful terminal building from the outside but on my last visit it looked a little dated on the inside but it was still a pleasent experience. That was a few years ago now so the terminal may have been refurbished by now.
I've been to Malta twice in the last 12 months, the terminal building is great. The bus transport is fantastic and really the best way to get around if you aren't renting a car.
There are a lot of hotels and life, some just are on the opposite side of the island to the airport so are a bit of a trek for some people if using just buses.
Although in the peak of summer the terminal can be a bit crowded due to there being some building work to shops, but once through passport control to the area where UK flights leave there are lots of seats.
I didn't know there was so much cruise activity and that is really interesting to know.
There was a "prang at Luqa last evening approx 8pm local. Turkish B737 TC-JHM was taxying off the apron and Ryanair B737 EI-DHW was taxying on to the apron when they came into contact.
Both aircraft were still on the Apron this morning. Engineers were examining the port elevator of the Turkish B737. The Ryanair B737 was towed to the SR Technics maintenance and as it passed I couldn't see any damage on the Port winglet. When I checked in for my flight home, I couldn't see any damage on the Turkish B737 from the Terminal.

It will hit the media at some time - maybe.
I have sorted some photos of my trip last week. Some are not too good because taken through glass (Observation Deck). OK at 90 degrees but not as crisp when taken at an angle.

KM 320

Med DH8.jpg

Med Avia DDHC8KM 320.jpg

TK 738TK 738.jpg

Spain AF Falcon

SAF Fal.jpg

Saudi A320HZ 320.jpg

KM 320rsz_dsc_0058.jpg

The following is a photo of Engineers examining the TK 738 elevator

FR 738.jpg

And the FR 738 being towed to the maintenance area

TKR 738.jpg

I can't see see any damage to the winglet that had come into contact with the TK 738 elevator.

If anyone decides to visit Malta for a Photo trip, I can recommend some where to stop.
Nice and intresting photos thanks, we are going to Malta in June to join a cruise looking forward to seeing the airport only heard good things about it from others on here about it and the Island itself unfortunately I will have little time to explore the airport as we will be transferred straight to the Ship.


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