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Jan 12, 2009
CAA Stats for January

Passenger numbers for January were -12.6% down compared with the same month last year. Passenger numbers for the month of January were 208,938

The rolling year passenger numbers stand at 3,230,063 ~ 9.1% up
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Re: Passenger Figures

Passenger figures down at City Airport

The first sign the recession has hit London City Airport came this week.

Despite figures showing the Royal Docks airport had a record 2008, its chief executive Richard Gooding admitted this year had been slower, with January and February both down 10 per cent on passengers.

Mr Gooding said: "We're going through a rocky patch and that's for us, our customers and those who use us.

"Last year was our most successful with 3.3million using the airport but there has been a bit of a decrease.

"The first half of 2008 was 20 per cent up, while the second half was flat. We've seen that continue. Perhaps we are at the bottom of the curve, we don't know."

Mr Gooding also blamed the snow in February as well as a slight decrease in business passengers for the overall reduction in the last few months.

He said: "It was minus in October and November but plus in December. The weather was not too bad in December but we got it all in February. That affected all airports.

"Leisure tends to do well here because of the large amount of skiing and even though that's mainly financial services workers it seems to have held up. However, business travel is down a bit."

Despite the results, the chief executive said he felt positive about the long term health of the airport, which this week was voted second most popular in the UK in Which? Holiday magazine.

"I've been through six recessions and they have all shared one characteristic - that they have ended," he said. "I can safely predict this one will end too.

"We have to keep our service level up and take a long term view.

"We've just finished off the refurbishment of the departure lounge. We've continued to invest through the downturn we've seen."

He added another positive sign was British Airways' recent investments.

The airline announced flights to New York will take off from City in October, while its subsidiary, BA CityFlyer, is launching a new fleet of Embraer aircraft this year.

Mr Gooding was speaking at an event to mark the testing of the Embraer aircraft at City Airport on Tuesday.

The Embraer 190, which features state-of-the-art fly-by wire technology, was performing a series of steep approach landings which will lead to certification for flights in October.

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Re: Passenger Figures

CAA Stats for August

Passenger numbers for August were -23.6% down compared with the same month last year. Passenger numbers for the month of August were 195,295

The rolling year passenger numbers stand at 2,923,441 ~ 9.1% down

So the rolling year passengers have dipped back bellow the magic three million mark.
Re: Passenger Figures

[textarea]Ash cloud caused 27% drop in passengers at London City

The ash cloud chaos put the brakes on London City Airport's passenger revival. With UK airspace closed for five days in April, the number of passengers using the airport fell to 175,917 - down 27 percent compared to 2009.

The fall ended a two-month period of growth, with passenger numbers up by 6 and 7 percent in February and March respectively. That was in contrast with a gloomy 2009, with an annual fall of 14 percent.

Passenger figures for May are expected to show a recovery, with new summer routes having opened to Majorca and Ibiza. Air France CityJet also launches new services to French destinations Deauville and Brive on June 24 / 25.

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August passenger stats.

Passenger figures for August stand at 226,014 up -15.8% on the same month last year. Rolling year passenger numbers stand at 2,828,381 down -3.2% year on year.

Source: CAA
[textarea]London City could have 7m passengers by 2020

Up to seven million passengers a year could use London City Airport by 2020, a Department for Transport report suggests. The airport will see four million more passengers a year than it does now in less than a decade, according to the report that forms part of a government forecast in response to a Committee on Climate Change report on reducing carbon dioxide emissions from UK aviation.

Based on current planning, the report said London City passengers will remain at a level of seven million passengers per year up to 2050. It also concluded that CO2 emissions by UK airports will grow steadily without further government intervention over the next 20 years. London City's CO2 emissions will be 0.6million tonnes annually in 2030, putting it 10th in a list of UK airports, and will remain at that level for the following 20 years.

CAA stats June 2015

We don't seem to discuss this airport very much but June's passenger numbers are significant.

378,745 passengers used the airport in the month, a rise of 16.3% on June 2014. Atms were up 12.2%. The rolling 12-month total was 4,051,856, an increase of 19.2% on a year ago.

This is the first time that the airport has handled over 4 million passengers in a 12-month period.
At this rate expansion will soon be needed.

I know it's surrounded with residents, but I've seen pictures of it in the morning and it's no exaggeration to say that all the parking spaces are full.

That was a couple of years ago, before the rolling total had even passed 4 million!
CAA stats September 2017
396,789 passengers passed through the airport down 3% on 2016. The rolling year was 4,522,993 up 0.4% on 2016.
Atms were 6493 -7.3%.
CAA Stats 2022
London City saw 3,009,313 passengers use the airport in 2022 up 318% on 2021 (720,580)
Aircraft movements were 49,937

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