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Jan 16, 2009
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Why are easyJet launching more flights when they are struggling to dispatch a lot of flights, at the moment, when we are still in the "low summer" period?


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Mar 24, 2012
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easyJet Bases in the UK (not including LGW) -Summer 2022
*List does not include based standby aircraft.

Below is a list of the easyJet bases in the UK for peak-summer 2022. It shows the number of aircraft required for each base vs S19 as per the current schedule.

LGW - 80+ (too many to count!)

LTN - 24 (9x A319 / 15x A320) - no change (-1x A319 / +1x A320)

MAN - 20
(4x A319 / 16x A320) - (+3 on S19) (+1x A319 / +2x A320)

BRS - 17 (3x A319 / 12x A320 / 2x A321) - no change (-4x A319 / +2x A320 / +2x A321)

EDI - 8 (3x A319 / 5x A320) - no change

BFS - 7
(2x A319 / 5x A320) - (+1 on S19) (-1x A319 / +2x A320)

LPL - 6
(3x A319 / 3x A320) - (-2 on S19) (-1x A319 / -1x A320)

GLA - 5
(5x A320) - (+1 on S19) (-2x A319 / +3x A320)

STN - Base Closed (7x based in S19)
SEN - Base Closed (4x based in S19)
NCL - Base Closed (3x based in S19)


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Jan 22, 2018
Wow I thought Ryanair was ruthless when it closes bases but Stansted 7!
As Ryanair started to overwhelm them, about the same time Jet2 arrived, they started to wind the Stansted base down and expand at Southend instead. Then they appeared to decide that Gatwick was the Holy Grail, especially as O`leary had started to park his tanks on their lawn at Southend. The result was the bases at Southend and Stansted were closed leaving Luton to represent them north of London and everything else went to fortress Gatwick...
I wouldn`t say ruthless, more no stomach for a commercial fight.
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