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Jul 16, 2015
Absalutely huge well done to BHX. It's about bloody time though!

Looking at the timetable, looks to be minimum of 3 based. That will certainly get 2017 off to a good start.

Looks to begin end of March.


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Aug 13, 2015
Fantastic news more firm commitments to BHX not just conjecture and rumour!

Ray Finkle

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Apr 22, 2012
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ALC 5x weekly from March 31st going daily mid May.
HER 2x weekly from April 30th.
PFO 2x weekly from April 2nd
FAO 5x weekly from March 30th going daily mid May.
FUE 3x weekly from April 2nd.
GRO 2x weekly from April 28th.
LPA 2x weekly from April 1st.
IBZ 4x wekly from 27th March going 6x weekly mid May.
ACE 3x weekly from April 1st.
PMI 5x weekly from March 31st going daily from mid May.
AGP 5x weekly from March 30th going 6x weekly mid May.
MAH 2x weekly from April 29th.
REU 3x weekly from April 29th.
RHO 2x weekly from April 27th.
TFS 4x weekly from March 31st.


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Jan 31, 2016
Now that's an impressive launch offering.

Just trying to work out Jet2's fleet make-up for next year but there's no delivery dates mentioned for the 27 738s on order apart from stating September for 2 years. Every likelihood that it's going to be 3 new aircraft They've got around 12 733s delivered before 2007 which may be replaced so potentially we are looking at as many as 15 738s to be inducted to all bases so room to grow to a 5 aircraft base in 2018?

Brum X

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Mar 23, 2011
Birmingham UK
Does this fantastic news and commitment from a new base airline enough for BHX to build that new lo-cost pier extension ??

Ray Finkle

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Apr 22, 2012
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Does this fantastic news and commitment from a new base airline enough for BHX to build that new lo-cost pier extension ??
From what I hear T1 is to be reconfigured with upstairs more or less becoming all departures. Boots have already got a new unit up and running downstairs and Smiths are set to close. I'm not sure about Frankie & Bennies and Burger King, maybe BHXFifteen knows more?

Mr Meeson arrived from LBA this evening ready for the launch tomorrow. I've not checked but hopefully there may be gaps in the schedule for another route or two before next spring.

It really is great news and I'll be having a good look tomorrow as I have a week free next May that needs booking (y)

richard winterbourn

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Aug 19, 2015
Interesting times indeed made glorious given the events of the past week.

And to add to Barry's comment above, come April next year, could this with other anticipated developments be the driver to lift BHX back above our friends from Edinburgh????

It would be nice to see BHX on the second line of the Forums4Airports ladder!

Kevin Farnell

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May 21, 2013
Great news Regarding Jet2. Would I be correct in thinking that this is their most southerly UK base?

Very rough mental arithmetic here but I'm thinking a conservative 700k pax?
Just to be on the cautious side, it's best to think of them as '700k seats' - they still have to be filled!


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Dec 11, 2015
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That makes 62 flights a week from mid-may,how many based
aircraft will be needed?
great news to see Jet2 setting up a base from March, I have been through the timetable, and it will require 4 based aircraft, their seat map seams to show all flights to be operated by B738 aircraft, with a few rotations being operated by non based aircraft as well.

Will be interesting now to see how Monarch and Ryanair & maybe Vueling will respond!! We could now have up to 5 airlines competing on routes such as TFS, AGP & ALC!

interesting times ahead!
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