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Mar 23, 2011
Birmingham UK
I for one, enthusiastic as I am, will want to inspect the conveyance transporting me in the air and the appearance says a lot. A clean, well looked after aircraft instills confidence. A grotty looking aircraft similar to one I witnessed in Nairobi was in a worse condition than some sitting at Kemble!

Remember the state of that old 757 that Primera Air chartered out to fly BHX-EWR ?? (n):sick:


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Apr 17, 2019
I flew yesterday for the first time in 2 years and I was a tad uneasy about it beforehan, flew on LS1245 to IBZ I must say security was easy & took 15 mins with 4 lanes open, breakfast in spoons was very quick I only just managed to get back to the table before the food arrived ! Jet 2 were excellent at the gate with lots of friendly staff checking every one had correct paperwork, the flight was only half full but no issues apart from passengers not doing as they had been asked, ibiza arrivals was well organised and took 20 mins to clear. All in all a good journey. Hope this helps anyone who is thinking of travelling in these covid days of restrictions etc.

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Jan 1, 2016
The uneasiness doesn't lessen with time. There's always that thought that you've forgotten some bit of paperwork. Saying that, I've travelled more or less throughout the pandemic and won't let paperwork or CV tests clip my wings. So long as you're careful in ALL aspects of travel during the pandemic, you should be ok....i.e. wear your mask properly and not under your nose or chin, read up carefully what hoops have to be jumped through for all countries visited and where you can, keep your distance and all should go swimmingly.....he says.
Recently flew from Berlin to Stansted after green listing it for ten days there, before returning to the UK after eight months away. The worry of pre departure test and UK immigration saying you can't enter (even though I'd followed all the rules to the letter) was enough to get one in a right panic about it. Didn't want to have to do quarantine again! All went well and was off the plane and outside the terminal in a trice.
Just play by the book and you can't go wrong....unless a variant shows its ugly head, then all bets are off!

P.s. enjoy your holiday.....well earned for sure!!!
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Oct 4, 2018
I came back on the return flight yesterday. Compared to the UK Spain has a very low COVID rate and it’s easy to see why in my opinion. People respect the rules, no mask, no bus journey. No mask, no service in shops. The only people I saw trying to not observe local rules were English. Funnily enough I never once heard “I’m exempt” all of those respiratory issues just meals away in the Ibizan sunshine

Karl Cunningham

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Jan 1, 2016
That's the thing in England. The government are telling the public what they can have. Here in Turkey we're told what we can't do or have if we don't get vaccinated or wear masks. Good luck getting on an internal flight or going to the mall without a vaccination certificate... ain't happening!!


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Feb 11, 2020
Birmingham B36
It is alarming how an increasing number of the public are disregarding requests to wear masks in potentially crowded situations. Public transport, shops, supermarkets etc. With many schools currently closed or struggling with Covid, the shops are full of parents with children in tow!.
Sorry for drifting off Jet2 thread.


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Sep 29, 2016
Once again, higher cases because of more tests.

Been all over the BBC the last couple of days about how we have the highest number of cases in Europe, however our share of positive tests is "middle of the pack" (about half of Germany and Turkey, and only 50% higher than Spain).

Karl Cunningham

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Jan 1, 2016
Turkey is hovering around 29000 a day....less than the UK, however in the holiday resorts fewer people wear masks. You leave the holiday resorts and everyone wears masks. İt ain't over yet, but the Turkish government are a bit stricter on people getting their jabs....and you don't wanna mess with them. They don't take any crap. You get a jab to help the whole nation...and no mask exemptions whatsoever. You wear one or the jandarma will tap you on the shoulder!


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Sep 3, 2016
From BHX airport site

  • Hit the slopes for less as ski programme is back with unmissable ski carriage offer
  • SEVEN top ski destinations on sale from Birmingham Airport with for Winter 21/22
  • Ski destinations include brand-new Chambery, on top of the return of services to Geneva, Grenoble, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Turin and Barcelona (Andorra) ski flights to Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and the Pyrenees from Birmingham Airport are back once again, and to celebrate the leading leisure airline has launched a £1* ski carriage promotion, offering skiers and snowboarders the chance to grab a piste of the action for less.
With snow sports enthusiasts clamouring to hit the slopes again, has marked its return to some of Europe’s best and most popular ski destinations from Birmingham Airport with an unmissable offer. There is ‘snow’ way that skiers and snowboarders in the Midlands will want to miss out on ski flights being back, as well as 22kg of ski carriage for just £1 return.*

Making a welcome return, will operate to SEVEN ski destinations from Birmingham Airport this winter including BRAND-NEW Chambery, as well as the return of services to Geneva, Grenoble, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Turin and Barcelona (Andorra). The ski carriage promotion is available on return flights to all these destinations, so whether it is a picturesque run on the French Alps, or a slalom in Salzburg, the award-winning airline has everything to get skiers, snowboarders, and their equipment out to the slopes for the very best value.
Booking and travelling on ski flights with means customers get to enjoy VIP customer service which has seen the UK’s third largest airline win numerous awards and accolades, as well as 10kg hand luggage and 22kg baggage* and 22kg ski carriage*.

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays, said: “After missing out on the slopes last winter, we know skiers and snowboarders are really keen to head back to their favourite ski destinations, so we are delighted to be offering a fantastic programme of ski flights from Birmingham Airport for Winter 21/22. Alongside our programme, we are also thrilled to be launching a fantastic £1 ski carriage promotion, which means customers can get to the slopes for the very best value. With access to the best slopes across Europe available from Birmingham Airport, snow sports enthusiasts in the region have been clamouring to book the best of the action for this winter. As a result, our ski flights are selling very well and with more customers than ever looking to plan and book a winter break, we expect demand to increase as they look to secure their place in the snow for less. With a fantastic ski programme and promotion, there’s no better time to book early and ensure you get the best choice of flights and prices.”
*Terms and conditions apply. Full terms and conditions can be found at and


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Aug 26, 2014
Looking at FR24 looks like the PIA flight is cancelled anyway we have an additional evening Emirates 777 on its way tonight a much more reliable outfit.
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