Many people may not have heard of Lee Collins, possibly better known as Alpha Five on Facebook.
I'm saddened to have read today of Lee death. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Lee I found him to be a wonderful source of information on the operational side of Manchester Airport. It was only back on 10th July that Lee sent me a host of OANs which, many of you will know, I have previously used in one of my Manchester threads.
Fly high Lee and thank you for your friendship.
Steve Wright R.I.P.
Deeply saddened to learn of the death of DJ/Presenter Steve Wright

When I was at school, pupils would take in radio's just so that they could get a short listen to his 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' show on Radio 1, during afternoon break. He really had a cult following.
Rest in Peace Steve, and thanks for all the laughs.
I always remember listening to him from an early age, probably as way back as I can remember. I always loved the factoids and all the other little extras he'd throw into his show that back then, the whole nation listened to. He had such a unique voice.

RIP Steve Wright
Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel) RIP

Saddened to learn that Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel, best known for their hit 'Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)' has passed away aged 73.

RIP, Steve and thanks for one of my all time favourite songs.
How sad that in the past week we have lost two great keyboardists - Michael Pinder and Richard Tandy - from two of our greatest musical exports - The Moody Blues and ELO.

Always will their music live on.
So sad to hear about the passing of Rob Burrow, life can be so cruel.

From the article

"He was brave beyond words. In these last few months he has taught me so much about courage, kindness and love."

Millwall goalkeeper Matija Sarkic has passed away at the young age of 26. Didn't play many games for Birmingham but still got the supporters player of the season.

So sad :(


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