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Jan 14, 2009
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Yep however different frequencies(LPL X3 weekly, BRS X2 weekly). LPL LF for July was 64% and BRS was 80%
Oh, thank you for that. I hadn't realised that LPL had more flights.

Ryan Kirkpatrick

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Dec 15, 2018
Hey everyone i hope you guys can help me. This year I am filming at Dublin Airport in April & plan to do another European airport later on in the year. I see Shannon gets some intresting movements & been thinking of flying out there. I don't know any good websites that gives me info & spotting locations. If you guys can help me by showing the locations on this map I would be very greatful. Thank you17.PNG


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Jan 16, 2009
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I've a sneaky feeling @Seasider is the one to ask. I'm sure he's mentioned visiting Shannon in the past. Hoefully he'll come back to you shortly.
I am afraid I have never been to Shannon. Try "", click on Europe, Ireland and it has details of all Irish Airfields. It is text only, but you may be able to tie up with the picture you have.


May 13, 2018
Shannon Ireland
Hi, I’m from Shannon. Some good locations but you’ll definitely need a car. The first location is in the Industrial estate. Route is marked in red, doesn’t show up on sat nav as it’s in th IND Estate. it’s a car-park right beside the CHC hangar which is near Atlantic Aviation hangar. There’s a wall to stand on and you can also snap from the fence if you have a ladder(wide lens recommended as aircraft are quite close). Area marked X used to be an area where you could snap some stored aircraft however it’s now redundant as there’s a new hangar being built. Second picture shows the route to the “official” spotter area. You can find this by typing “Lufthansa Technik Shannon” into the sat nav..once you arrive turn left down a one way road. Make sure you don’t type “Lufthansa Technik Shannon Turbine” as those are offices in Shannon Town. Hope this helps!



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