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Jun 15, 2019
Birmingham UK
These are all from a quick look at Skyscanner without going to in depth.

Emirates have connections with the best looking at between 1-2 hours in DXB for both journeys.

Turkish are very similar with 1h 45 in IST outbound and 2hr return.

Qatar have good connections on QR36 (out) and QR33 (in), the other days are quite a bit longer.
As much as I love Emirates their connection times when flying to Kolkata is absolutely awful the moment you get off EK40 in Dubai your bussed to the A or B Gates of Terminal 3 and the Kolkata Flight EK570 is almost always put at C gates so you have and the saddest thing is your given a 45 MIN -1 HOUR to make the connection so you have to run from the A or B gates all the way to the C gates. The worst is by the time you get to the C gates with your 50 Million bags of World Duty Free Shopping and Hand Luggage Your flight is on Final Call and full so the moment you board everyone gives you that guilty stare for delaying the flight and even worse everyone has taken the overhead locker spaces so your forced to sit in your seat with covered with 50 Million World Duty Free Bags and some how managing to find a place to put your Hand Luggage. The great thing is Thank You Emirates for always delaying EK570 for us so at least I make it Kolkata on time and not having to worry about missing my flight. o_O
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Jul 19, 2017
With all due respect JennyJet i don’t know why information is given/teased if you don’t want questions or at-least some interest

As someone above has said this is just all of us showing some enthusiasm and excitement for once as its been quite dry round here for a while


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Sep 23, 2016
Please leave the poor chap alone. Information is probably financially and/or legally sensitive thus no further teasers.

A nice bit of unexpected perhaps?
Sorry Jenny but personally i am fed up with the teasers that are supposedly protected by legal/financial restraints.
If the info is so sensitive then should it be hinted at at all?
When a new airline and routes are announced and the poster(s) shout""that's what i was talking about" i will be the first to apologise.
Trouble is this has been going on for 2/3 years now and nobody is shouting.


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Dec 15, 2015
No problem with curiosity but ,laying siege to someone smacks of tabloid journalist harassment. However, BHX Has a serious public relations deficit that it excites us enough to create a discourse between members.

I simply suggested backing off Ian should he not be in control of information etc.

My comments remain unaltered.


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Apr 18, 2013
Hi there Jennyjet, I fully agree with you, when the airport makes an announcement, it always decided on the type and how big the announcement is going to be, so I would always say to anyone, just keep looking at the airports website either once or twice a week or wait till it notifies bbc Midlands today, then you'll see how big and important the announcement will be.. Andyc


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