Aug 20, 2009
G-JZHU gone tech in Mahon today. Was on the return to LBA, fully boarded and doors ready to close. Felt the plane rock from side after a loud thud. The starboard forward cargo hold door used for loading luggage received damage as the loader was withdrawing from the aircraft. Damage fully inspected by captain. Presumably unable to verify that the aircraft would maintain structural integrity at altitude. Without an immediate engineer present to confirm this, and with the crew rapidly running out of hours, standby aircraft and crew from Alicante arrived 3 hrs later. Original crew flew back with us in; captain and co pilot with the pax in main cabin and cabin crew on jump seats and in cockpit. Both sets of crew were great. Complimentary food and drink vouchers at Mahon and free snack box and drinks for every pax inflight back to Leeds. All in all, a good response from Jet2 unfortunately let down by shambolic arrangement by baggage handlers and ground transport at LBA. I have to say, it was quite sad leaving Mahon seeing G-JZHU sat on the tarmac all by itself. Wonder how long it will take to get back



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Aug 21, 2015
South Leeds
On a positive note for Jet2 recently been to Jersey and back. Both flights were early. The saturday flight out looked full and the tuesday inbound probably had a max of 20 spare seats. Good friendly on board service and no problems at all with LV on the outbound and FN inbound


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Oct 17, 2012
I see G-LSAI launched at noon to PMI and is now back on UK soil in EMA, suggesting the morning departure from EMA had a wobble down in PMI on arrival. G-DRTC according to flightradar so one of the recent Air China / Transaero acquisitions.

Clearly not a quick fix for Jet2 to have launched a rescue flight as they won't beat the 3 hour late rule so no doubt some EU compo claims going in. Probably from the same people who moan about holiday prices going up year on year lol.


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Mar 13, 2010
It's been a good year for Dart Group, owner of Jet2...
  • In a year of strong passenger growth for both and Jet2holidays, Group Revenue increased by 38% to £2,391.8m (2017: £1,729.3m). flew a total of 10.38m passenger sectors (2017: 7.10m), an increase of 46%.
  • Profit before taxation improved by 49% to £134.6m (2017: £90.1m).
  • The increased profits reflect the continuing strong demand for our Leisure Travel products
Share price up 35% today! Full announcement here.

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Nov 5, 2012
Not sure about Ibiza for easter, the island only wakes up the first week in June.
In addition the new rules on music licences, tourist tax have seen a significant reduction in tourist numbers so far this summer season. Growth in u.k. tourist numbers for 2017 was half that of the previous year, the third year in a row of falling growth. The doubling of the tourist tax for 2018, has already had a profound effect on this years numbers.
Hotels this week end started to offer reductions of up to 40% on currant prices to try to encourage more tourists, however, u.k. weather and for youngsters the huge curtailment of club opening hours has had a huge effect
Whilst I love Ibiza at Easter, the major resorts are dead, the main season used to start the third week in May and the club openings the first week in June, now its June before the season in full swing, now ending end of september, rather then mid october.


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Jun 22, 2010
Anybody know why this mornings Jet2 LS202 from Amsterdam was made to circle over Leeds to allow the BA flight from Heathrow to land first. Looking at flightradar the BA flight would have been a good five minutes behind the Jet2 flight yet was given priority making LS202 circle and then come in for another approach and landing.


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