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Dec 19, 2016
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We chose to fly with Turkish from Manchester to Bangkok. I have flown with them before and found them very good for in-flight service, plus they offer good fares often. We both have TAP FF flies so it made sense all round.
Left on TK1994 on 15 December, we left late about 45 mins, so was a bit concerned about the transfer in Istanbul which is a massive airport and always crowded, my mum and step dad were coming too and they couldn't rush easily. We were on an A321, plane looked completely full Including business class. Seats are very comfortable, good food choice and massive entertainment selection on individual screens. We arrived at Istanbul and were parked at a remote stand which isn't too unusual, Turkish have grown hugely and you get the feeling they are struggling for space. There is a special bus for business class passengers which was really welcome because we were looking at our watches, so we sped off quickly.
Frankly if you had to run through Istanbul Airport, I think you would struggle its just so busy whatever the hour. It's quite strange seeing so many carriers from the Middle East, I noted MEA of Lebanon and Mahan Air from Iran, I also saw an Olympic Q400, but the airport is dominated by Turkish Airlines aircraft, plus a lot of Atlas Global. So we made the connection TK64, I hoped it might have been a 777 which I've not flown on too often, but was an A330, which is still fine.

The aircraft was parked miles away, we were bused to it and I really wondered at one point that perhaps this was the mode of transport all the way to Bangkok ! To board such a large aircraft via steps is not so common these days, you realize how high you are . We departed pretty much on time, but it was at least 30 minutes of taxi and queuing.

The seating is very comfortable 2+2+2 with lay flat seats, again excellent catering and entertainment onboard. I had a nice meal good wine, watched one film, then got some sleep. I awoke as we were approaching the Burmese Coast, breakfast was served which I'd selected soon after taking my seat. I then watched the progress flight map for a bit we only had about 2 hours left, smooth landing from an enjoyable flight experience with Turkish Airlines.

Bangkok has a special immigration counter for business class passengers, so again we were speeded onwards with this. The luggage made it after some nervous moments, we then re checked in for Thai International flight TG207 to Phuket, another A330 for this full flight of just over an hour. I slept most of the way, just woke as while we stacked for about 5 mins as the airport was busy. Phuket Airport itself was very busy, noticed aircraft of Nok Air, Thomas Cook and a Thai A350. Met our transfer and heading two hours north to Khao Lak.
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Jan 16, 2009
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I hope I am not deviating too much, but with the comment above about taxi time at IST, I took this picture in October and if you count the Pegasus 737 just lining up , there are 10 aircaft awaiting departure


All aircraft except one, are Turkish A/L.


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May 9, 2014
Only 10 holding that is quiet, you aften get that at LHR,LGW and MAN at certain times and can easilybe a lot moor at LHR so would expect 20 as common.


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