Bradford: A City Rediscovered


We visited Bradford yesterday. It's probably the first time I'd visited the city in around ten years despite living closer to Bradford than Leeds City Centre. Leeds has always been my first choice city to visit.

The last time I visited Bradford was during the recession. The city was run-down and in need of major investment. The Westfield Shopping Centre development had stalled leaving what resembled a crater in the heart of the city. Shops were closing and there was a general sombre mood about the place.

Yesterday we decided to take a trip there to see the National Science and Media Museum. We caught the train from Guiseley to Bradford Foster Square where we walked to the Science & Media Museum, about 15 minutes walk from the railway station.

As we exited the railway station we were pleasantly surprised at how the city had changed. The Westfield Shopping Centre now named The Broadway had finally opened and the city had regained it's buzz feel. We walked along Market Street which brings you out at Centenary Square where they've constructed a city lake with impressive water jets and fountains.


The museum was only a short walk from there. The Museum was free, clean and modern with impressive exhibits.


All in all, we were very impressed at how the city has transformed itself since the recession. Our only gripe was the amount of litter on the railway banking on the approach into the city. I've never actually ever seen so much litter and it was the only thing that I could think of that wasn't so good. Thankfully the city centre itself was very clean.

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