Went out Tues (18th) afternoon came back yesterday.

Entered the central security are at 1pm and there wasn't even a queue. I find it most frustrating that you can't see onto the apron unless you pay £20+ (hopefully it will be better with the extension). There were 42 pax on board mainly seated at the back, push on time arrive DUS 20 mins early. Seated in 14A, about 2/3rds along the engine, seeing down OK but not across. Only one announcement from the flight deck, slightly garbled and the 2 stewards worked quietly and efficiently. I only spoke on disembarkation. Parked on a remote stand and bussed to the terminal again straight through Passport Control (egates) and outside within 20 mins of landing.
There is an excellent Terrace on top of the terminal where you see everything that moves and the aircraft exit the runway straight in front of you - and the sun is behind you. :) The weather was good both days, I will post some photos when I have "sorted" them.
On the return, again I walked up to the check in and was served straight away. I asked if I could sit further back (away from engine) and was told there wasn't any room but I could move forward to 6D, which I accepted. I was straight through security again and sat down to see the arrivals and the Emirates A380 parked right in front (I wondered why there were 2 airbridges. At boarding time I checked the gate, and found there was a 45 mins delay. We were bussed to the aircraft and there were a few spaces at the front and I would say about 60 on board. We were soon on the way to the runway, no queueing and were only about 25 mins late. It was a lot noisier being seated slightly forward of the propeller. Maybe that's why passengers sit near the back. Minimal communication from the cockpit and same level of service from the cabin crew. What I would like to know who paid the extra for my flight, because I only paid £60 return!


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