Global Warming or Global Cooling?

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What are your thoughts on climate change? For the last two decades at lest we have been spoon fed a global warming agenda, "the Earth is burning up", our "use of fossil fuels is causing Co2 to spiral out of control". More recently the IPCC lead by the United Nations released a report saying we have to take immediate action to save the planet from catastrophe.

During the 90's I went along with this narrative. As a person who has always been interested in weather and the climate I have always followed the subject with much interest and like most people I went along with the idea that man was warming the planet due to his excessive use of fossil fuel causing Co2 to warm the planet.

More recently, and certainly over the last five years or so I have changed my opinion on what is going on. Over the years the narrative has changed from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change". Several new reports have been released stating we're heading for a "mini ice age". Like everybody else I was confused and baffled at the mixed message coming from scientists. Since the beginning of this "global catastrophe" I have wondered why the IPCC wasn't looking at why the earth had warmed in the past? Why we've had ice ages before? Why we've had extinction events in the past?

The more and more I look at it the more convinced I am that the climate doesn't follow a linear path, but it oscillates between hot and cold, wet and dry. The IPCC temperate graph showing the temperature spiralling out of control. It doesn't show the previous Maunder Minimum or the Dalton Minimum when the climate was significantly cooler. Sudden changes in the Earth's temperature have thought to have been linked to the Sun and solar activity. Currently we are in a solar minimum. Over the next year or so we climb out of a solar minimum into a solar maximum. This is measured by the number of sun spots. During a maximum, sun spots are plentiful but the opposite can be said during a solar minimum. You would expect this to be good news but the latest predictions for the new solar maximum is grim reading as the Science is pointing closer and closer to the planet heading rapidly into a "Solar Grand Minimum" ,similar to the Maunder Minimum.

Maunder Minimum 1645 - 1715.

Earlier this month Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University released her latest findings regarding sun activity which showed almost exact correlation between the suns activity and previous solar minimums. She makes some significant predictions during her findings.

Little Iceage to hit Earth in 2020
A ‘Little Ice Age’ which caused severe winters in the 17th Century could return in five years’ time due to a predicted fall in solar activity.
This possibility was discussed during the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, Wales, by Prof Valentina Zharkova, of Northumbria University, alongside an international group of scientists including Prof Simon Shepherd, of Bradford University, Dr E Popova, of Moscow State University, and Dr Sergei Zharkov, of Hull University.
Prof Zharkova described the research as ‘the first serious prediction of a reduction of solar activity that might affect human lives’. If the decrease in solar activity takes place, it could result in a period similar to the ‘Maunder minimum’ of 1645 to 1700. During this period, there were only about 50 sunspots on the surface of the Sun instead of the usual 40-50 thousand, resulting in very severe winters and cold summers.
Several studies have shown that the ‘Maunder Minimum’ coincided with the coldest phase of global cooling, which was called the ‘Little Ice Age’. Due to the cold winters in Europe and North America, rivers such as the Thames and the Danube froze and the Moscow River was covered by ice every six months.
Prof Zharkova’s research is based on an analysis of solar activity. The Sun has its own magnetic field whose amplitude and spatial configuration varies with time. The formation and decay of strong magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere results in changes of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun, the intensity of plasma flows, and the number of sunspots on its surface, which varies every 11 years.
In the current study, the researchers analysed a total background magnetic field from full disk magnetograms by applying the so-called ‘principal component analysis’. As a result, the researchers uncovered a pair of magnetic waves in the Sun responsible for variations during 11-year solar activity. The scientists managed to derive the analytical formulae, describing these two waves and made first the prediction of magnetic activity in the current cycle, which gave 97% accuracy.
Inspired by this success, Zharkova and her co-authors extended the prediction of solar activity to future cycles. They discovered that the waves become fully separated into the opposite hemispheres leading to a sharp decline in solar activity in years 2020 t0 2050 – comparable with the conditions of the Maunder minimum in the 17th Century. This will lead to a reduction of the solar magnetic field and a noticeable decrease in solar irradiance.
Speaking about her confidence in her team’s work, Prof Zharkova added: “I am absolutely confident in our research. It has good mathematical background and reliable data, which has been handled correctly. In fact, our results can be repeated by any researchers with the similar data available in many solar observatories, so they can derive their own evidence of upcoming Maunder Minimum in solar magnetic field and activity.”
Following Prof Zharkova’s prediction at last week’s conference, the story has captured the public imagination with stories across the international press in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, China, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and many other countries including The Independent, The Telegraph, and Science Daily(UK), ABC News, USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times. Australia Today and numerous other newspapers and radio stations worldwide.
Prof Zharkova said: “The public imagination has been captured by the first serious prediction of a reduction of solar activity that might affect the human lives – as it did in the 17thCentury. Solar-terrestrial physics literarily enters everyone’s house – this is the main beauty of the event.”
Prof Zharkova, who works in the Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences at Northumbria, believes the research further positions the University as a leader in this area.
She said: “Yes, I think so, given what we have done so far. Previously, in 1998, we with Dr A Kosovichev, of Stanford University, USA, discovered quakes on the Sun associated with solar flares, which were reported in Nature covered by the worldwide media on five continents. This topic continues to be one of the most interested in for the past decade. Now we decided to report the new finding on solar activity at the National Astronomy Meeting to enhance the profile of the UK science and to emphasise the contribution of three UK collaborators, including Northumbria.”
Northumbria offers a range of courses across Physics, Astrophysics, and Mathematics disciplines and has recently announced investment of £6.7m in STEM facilities on campus. For more information about studying at Northumbria go to:
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I am satisfied that their activities will be under close scrutiny by the Security Service. For a rag tag bunch, to paralyze Britain's biggest City with ease will certainly have a controlling mind worthy of specific interest!
A terrorist organisation brings temporarily paralyse to cities when they attack. Though no life is at risk in that way, definitely at risk due to the blocking ambulances, they can and should be classed as eco terrorists.

If Pritis words are to be taken as the truth. Then what she potentially planning is these heartless morons having to tell the police where they will be so they can approve or disprove. If they disprove they can surely be heavily handed moved away as they’ve ignored the letter of the law. I detest parts of the policing bill I really do. But they need to get on this quickly, with law etc, before someone sadly gets their life taken due to them. Be it themselves or a member of public thanks to their arrogance.
Interference with any Blue Light service is already a criminal offence, be it vehicle or personnel. The Police can act, if they choose to do so.
You'll have to forgive me. I'm a bit out of the loop not keeping up with the latest news. Is Insulate Britain basically Extinction Rebellion?
I read something somewhere (don't ask) which suggested that they were. If not in name they are funded by whoever funds XR so have the same objectives etc.
With the amount of resources ER seem to have, it does make you wonder if an individual(s) expects to benefit financially from "climate change"
With the amount of resources ER seem to have, it does make you wonder if an individual(s) expects to benefit financially from "climate change"
There are always people who will benefit, or think they will at least, that is why they put up the money to fund such groups. It has always been that way and always will be. The benefits and the benefactors are not always clear at first glance but both will surface in the fullness of time. This will be no different.
Someone on GB news summed it up perfectly. These people would argue about anything it just so happens that Climate Change is the thing they want to argue over. They are anarchists.
Someone on GB news summed it up perfectly. These people would argue about anything it just so happens that Climate Change is the thing they want to argue over. They are anarchists.
I don't even think that Climate Change is a subject that they want to argue over. I think they just pick a very topical issue, that they know will get them press coverage and use it as an excuse to carry out their anarchic actions. The spokesman has shown their utter contempt for our society and democracy. Are they anarchists? Definitely!

So when we putting them on the list and treating them as the terrorists? And therefore the powers that go with that given to the police to deal with them.

Lets get out legal mind @JENNYJET onto the matter.
To be defined as such, in Law, they need to be proscribed i.e. Placed upon the proscribed list of organisations before charges and prosecutions under stricter standards of evidence and proof etc., not as easy as it seems since a lot of work is required by legal experts, Home Office and Parliament before new laws or changes to existing laws can be enacted. Meanwhile it is Public Order and general misdemeanor that the Police have to handle.

I do not like it any less than some of you but if I was Practicing, I would have to prosecute or defend according to law, as it stands today.
The Home Secretary indeed has powers, under the Crown.. Before exercising those powers, as with all Ministers, advice must be sought and obtained ( civil servants in departments ) before placing a Statutory Instrument before Parliament, this may be debated or passed on the nod during housekeeping business on the order paper for the day.
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