Passenger numbers soar at Manchester

Manchester Airport soars to 28 million passengers

Manchester Airport is celebrating 28 million passengers passing through its three terminals for the first time in its history.
In its 80th year, the UK’s third largest airport saw more than 2.5 million passengers use the airport in October, an increase of 6% on the same month in 2017.
That brought the rolling annual total to 28,022,344 passengers.
Numbers were bolstered by the October half term, with many families getting away for an Autumn break. And the positive news has continued since the end of the month.
Last week saw the launch of the only direct service in the UK to Mumbai outside of London, as Jet Airways started flights. The five a week service had its inaugural flight on the 5th November and left the Northern hub 96% full.
Ryanair, easyJet and have all added capacity to their winter schedules, which will continue to bolster overall passenger numbers. Plus, the North will soon have a direct route to the heart of Africa as Ethiopian Airlines start flights to Addis Ababa in December.
Last month saw a total of 18,192 aircraft take off and land at the UK’s third busiest airport, an average of 587 flights per day. Almost 11,000 tonnes of cargo were also carried to destinations across the globe last month, the equivalent of 870 London busses.
October also saw the airport celebrate three major milestones on its £1bn transformation programme. Firstly, a topping out ceremony was held to mark the extension to Terminal Two reaching its highest point after just more than a year of construction.
Secondly, a 45m, 85 tonne bridge that will connect the terminal extension with the new multi-storey car park was lifted into place. Finally, the main structural work has also been completed on the car park building and will be fully completed by the middle of next year.
Andrew Cowan, Manchester Airport CEO, said: “Hitting 28 million passengers is another significant milestone for the airport. Our growth means more choice for passengers, more jobs for people across the North and more economic and trade opportunities as we connect Manchester with key global destinations.
“All this is being delivered as we press ahead with the biggest investment in our history, which will not only transform our terminal buildings, but the experience our customers enjoy as they travel through Manchester.
“That’s why it was also great to celebrate three major milestones in October, which brought to life how quickly our airlines and passengers will start to experience the benefits the transformation project will deliver to them.”



Nice to see it all broken down like that thanks for the work, makes me laugh that some of the summer months on the bucket and spade routes looks like we are sending a small army into some airports!
Thank you. That's very surprising given that some smaller UK airports have scheduled services to those airports.
Over the years, the Polish market settled down to mainly Liverpool services, served by Ryanair and Wizz. You can add Lublin and Szczecin to your list. Compared to years ago, when we just had the indecisive LOT Warsaw service, Manchester has a much healthier network, but Poznan is surprisingly yet to be served.

All MAG airports report strong November figures

MAG, the operator of Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands airports, saw continuing growth in November as new long-haul routes saw its airports serve 7.7 per cent more passengers than in the same month last year.
All three of MAG’s airports grew significantly year on year, with London Stansted growing 8.7 per cent to welcome 1.98 million passengers, Manchester up 7.1 per cent to 1.85 million passengers and East Midlands Airport growing 4.7 per cent to welcome 232,000 passengers in November.
The growth – which mirrors that of Heathrow - means that Manchester Airport has now seen two successive months of strong growth in passenger numbers, as the successful ‘backfill’ of slots previously operated by Monarch leads to further growth across the winter season.
This growth was further bolstered by the successful introduction of a new long-haul link from Manchester to Mumbai with Jet Airways.
Overall, long-haul traffic to the Caribbean, Middle East and Asia was up 8.8 per cent year on year as Manchester continues to play a major role in connecting the north to global economic hubs.
Thank you. That's very surprising given that some smaller UK airports have scheduled services to those airports.
There are quite a few Eastern European service from Liverpool by Wizz and Blue Air, they provide service for the Northwest market pretty well. Poznan is available from Liverpool with Ryanair.
November stats:
Although domestic activity is much less than scheduled international, one of the things that struck me is that there was an increase of 2% on domestic passengers on a 12.5% reduction on ATMs.

I would imagine this reflects a higher proportion of larger a/c with 150-189 seats than the smaller a/c used by the likes of flybe, although it would be nice to think it also means higher load factors on domestic services.
I had a bit of time today to play with figures and, following on from Ian's post on the Birmingham thread, I have produced a monthly analysis of Manchester passenger figures from January 2005 through to November 2018 and then projected numbers through until December 2021. I have used a conservative increase of 5pc for the projections.

Any thoughts and suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.

Screenshot (160).png
There's me thinking 5% is overly cautious! Just a selection of airlines here...

Jet2: Up 600,000 seats for summer 2019. Up 27%
United: 40% increase from May to September Up 22,000 seats
Cathay Pacific : up 10,000 seats from June to August
Virgin: 20% increase in summer capacity

Then we've got easyJet and the expected big boost in based aircraft and Ryanair wanting to ramp up as well.

Also got a 7% increase over the festive period to 1.56 million passengers
That's interesting David as I'd selected 7pc for December as an off-the-cuff value and yet the Knutsford cutting you link to strangely quotes the same value.

Obviously the situation with regards to flybe may have to be taken into account. I'll produce an update for all of my spreadsheets in early January once the CAA has published their November statistics and the airport has released their December figures.
MAN's upward trajectory will also be more muted if MAG is unable to accommodate Ryanair's desire to expand within congested T3. Unless a solution is found, Ryanair could be artificially 'capped' by physical constraints within the terminal for a number of seasons going forward. Hopefully, MAG will be aware of this issue and looking at options to resolve it behind the scenes. Ryanair's expansion ambitions at MAN are a big deal.
One thing that might have to be taken into account would be the demise of flybe - although personally I would not want this to ever happen.

Should this occur then Manchester stands to lose over 1.5m domestic passengers as the majority of routes are not duplicated by any other carrier - the international routes are in the most covered by other airlines and therefore are less likely to be effected. I have therefore produced another set of figures for your enjoyment!

Screenshot (162).png
Flybe is a worry for MAN & BHX, both airports have about 2.5m Flybe seats annually, hopefully they will survive and if so I can see Manchester achieving 5% or slightly higher in 2019 but then I can see all airports slowing down, so I can see the 30m level being achieved in 2020. Which would be a fantastic result.
Winter 2018 projected figures, based on slots requested, are currently +3.2% for movements and + 7.9% for seats in comparison with Winter 2017 actual numbers.

Summer 2019 provisional numbers show planned movements +15.6% and seats at +20.6% compared with Summer 2018 actuals.

As always at this time these figures should be taken with a pinch of salt as airlines are still finalising their schedules.


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